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Hobo Campfire Cobbler in a Dutch Oven
Fun Camping Recipes for Kids The Hobo Campfire CobblerA Dutch Oven Dump Cake This is a fun and easy camping dessert recipe that kids can make themselves, with just a little adult supervision. It is so delicious the kids will want to do it on every camping trip. This recipe […]

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Pie Iron Breakfast Sandwiches over campfire
Pie Iron Breakfast Recipes for Kids Campfire Pie Iron Breakfast Sandwich Campfire Pie Iron Breakfast Pudgie Sandwiches – more fun and easy camping recipes for kids that they can help make themselves… with just a little adult supervision. These pie iron recipes are so easy the kids will want to […]

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Pie Iron Pizza over Campfire
          Campfire Pie Iron Pizza Pie Iron (Pudgie Iron) Recipes for Kids Campfire Pie Iron Pizza More fun and easy camping recipes for kids that they can help make themselves… with just a little adult supervision. Pie Iron Pizza is so easy the kids will want to do it on every […]

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Sponsored ad Slapjack – A Camping Activities for Kids Card Game Slapjack is a simple card game that has been a favorite camping activity of Scouts for a long time. It’s easy to play, (kids of all ages can understand it), it’s active, (not just a passive strategy game), and […]

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Camping Kids Tent and Bear Camping with kids is… …more fun, and more work. The first time you take kids camping, the question; “What else do I need to take for the kids?” is more important than you think. Especially if the kids are toddlers or very young ones. They […]

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camp teepee rope
The “Cheater’s” Play Camp Teepee – A Fun Camping Activities for KidsKids love to play in tents when they go camping, and this camping Teepee is a semi-disposable camping activity they can help make – and then play in. It is an easier version of the Kid’s Camping Pole-teepee activity […]

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campfire story time tips
Campfire Story Time – Tips and Tricks “How to tell a scary campfire story” A good campfire story is one of those traditional camping activities that kids love, and the better the storyteller – the better the kid’s enjoyment. A good storyteller doesn’t do 5-minute monotone recitations – they do […]

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keyhole cooking campfire layout
Best cooking campfire layout The “Keyhole” campfire Cooking those delicious campfire recipes is a lot easier when you have the right campfire layout – one designed for cooking and campfire safety. A good cooking campfire is more than just a flaming pile of wood in a campfire ring. Unless you […]

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poison Ivy pictures
Poison Ivy PicturesSummer, Spring, Fall, Winter Poison Ivy looks different in different seasons. Make sure your camping kids know what to look for, and stay away from! Start by teaching them the old Boy Scout warning: Leaves of three – Leave it be!

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