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geocache containers
Geocache Containers What they are   • How to make one What to put in one   • Where to hide one Geocache containers generally come in two size categories; micro and very small – which are mostly used for Urban geocaches, and “everything else.” (as you will see below) The concept of the Geocache Container: […]

How to Make Geocache Containers

iPhone geocaching apps
Geocaching iPhone Apps There are geocaching apps for most models of the iPhone, including the iPhone 5. It’s hard to beat a dedicated handheld GPS unit for geocaching, but unless you are in extreme environments, like the Grand Canyon or the Rockies, these geocaching apps for your iPhone will do […]

Top 3 Geocaching iPhone Apps

iPhone geocaching apps
Geocaching AppsAndroid smartphones, and more There are several good geocaching apps for android smartphones – but they are not all-created-equal. It’s hard to beat a dedicated geocaching GPS unit, but in a less than extreme environment these smartphone apps can get the job done. Notes about geocache apps: Most of […]

Top 3 Geocaching Apps for Android Phones

handheld gps for camping
Handheld GPS Units for camping Geocaching Camping GearCamping and Hiking Gps Units Note: GPS units can be as cheap as $30 – $40, or as expensive as $600 – $700, but there are a lot of good GPS systems perfect for camping and hiking geocaching in the $75 – $100 […]

Pick The Best Geocaching GPS For You

Essential Camping Gear LED Camping Hat Lights Review LED hat or cap lights seem to have been stigmatized by the clunky negative image of campers wearing elastic-strap head lamps, (no one admits to the hands-free convenience they provide), but they really are a completely different animal. And once you use […]

Top 3 Camping Hat Lights Review