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Coleman NorthStar Camping Lantern
Coleman NorthStar Propane Camping Lantern Coleman NorthStar Camping Lantern Review – [VIDEO] See Coleman’s brightest camping lantern – the 1543 Lumen camper’s choice. When only the best will do, and performance is important to you, Coleman’s Northstar propane or duel fuel camping lantern is a choice you should consider. Sponsored […]

Coleman NorthStar Camping Lantern Brightest Camp Light

Coleman Propane Camping Lantern Coleman Camping Lantern Review – rated by real campers See Coleman’s new QuickPack Instastart camp lantern, as rated by actual camper’s choice – not some consumer products review or manufacturer website or promo. A glowing camp lantern, like a roaring campfire is a traditional part of […]

Coleman Camping Lantern Review Instastart QuickPack

Burning camp lantyern mantles
Camping Bob Explains Camp Lantern Mantles   Camp Lantern mantles Once again Camping Bob does his best to show how to change the mantles on a Coleman gas camping lantern – but could this be a demonstration FAIL instead? He does have the procedure straight … but there seems to be […]

How to Change Camping Lantern Mantles Using a Blowtorch

LED camping tent lights
LED Camping Tent Lights “What is the best tent light for you!” Finding the “Best LED Camping Tent Light” is easier when you make the choice personal. The best light for a large tent may not be the best one for a small 2-man tent. And the brightest tent light/lantern […]

3 Best Tent Lights for Camping with Kids

Essential Camping Gear LED Camping Hat Lights Review LED hat or cap lights seem to have been stigmatized by the clunky negative image of campers wearing elastic-strap head lamps, (no one admits to the hands-free convenience they provide), but they really are a completely different animal. And once you use […]

Top 3 Camping Hat Lights Review