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Fun Camping Recipes for Kids Hobo Cobbler in a Dutch Oven

The Hobo Campfire Cobbler

Another fun and easy camping dessert recipe that kids can make themselves, with just a little adult supervision. And this one is so delicious the kids will want to do it on every camping trip.

This dessert is so simple to make you can’t really call it a recipe. The pictures tell you almost all you need to know – except the cooking time; 30 – 45 minutes!

Hobo Campfire Cobbler Recipe and directions:

There is a reason Hobo Cobbler is frequently called Campfire Dump Cake – because you literally just dump the ingredients in and put it on the fire to cook. No prep, no stirring, no mixing, and no ingredient measuring. Just dump in a couple cans of fruit Comstock or pie filling, pour in a box of cake mix, top with a stick of butter, (sliced), cover and cook. That’s it.

Here is all you need:

  • Dutch Oven, or cast iron skillet with lid
  • two cans of fruit pie filling or fruit Comstock, (cherry, apple, or peach)
  • one box of cake mix
  • one 12oz can of soda
  • one stick of butter – sliced into patties

Popular combinations:

  • The all-time favorite for kids is the cherries and chocolate cake mix combination, (sometimes called Lava cake)
  • Second on the favorites list is the apples and yellow cake mix combination.
  • Peaches and yellow cake is a popular adult camper favorite.

DO NOT STIR the mix. Just dump it in and go.

Some versions of this recipe also use a can of soda. It adds a bit of flavor and moisture for the dry mix. The chocolate cake combinations use a 12oz. can of Dr. Pepper poured over the dry cake mix and butter patties. Use a can of Sprite for the yellow cake mix recipes.

Just remember – DO NOT STIR.

Just pour in the fruit Comstock, (or pie fillings) Dutch Oven Hobo Cobbler fruit filling

Two cans of your favorite fruit Comstock or pie filling *Comstock is the best choice.
Note the liner used
These are cheap but worth their weight in gold when it comes to clean-up time. You can find them at Walmart, or Amazon using the links below.

Pour in the cake mix Dutch Oven Hobo Cobbler Cake Mix Step

Just pour the cake mix evenly across the fruit filling. The layer doesn’t have to be perfect – just cover all the fruit.
Note: Remember – Do Not Stir to mix the fruit and cake mix.

Add the butter patties Dutch Oven Hobo Cobbler layered butter patties

Dot the top of the mix with one stick of salted butter – sliced into patties.

Pour in the soda – Optional, but recommended

Now just pour your choice of sodas; Dr. Pepper, (or similar flavor), or Sprite, (any Lemon Lime soda), over the butter patties and dry cake mix. Again, no special technique, just pour evenly across the top layer of cake mix.

Place on the coals, and cook for 30 – 45 minutes. Dutch Oven in Campfire Coals

This recipe cooks at about 350°, which is about 14 good hot coals, (or charcoal briquettes), on top and 14 underneath of the Dutch Oven.

Refresh the coals and rotate the Dutch oven after about 20 minutes. Wait 15 minutes more, and then take a peek. Your Hobo Cobbler/Dump Cake could be ready, but it will probably need another 15 – 20 minutes cook-time. (*See a helpful Dutch oven temperature chart below)

For yellow cake mixes you are looking for a golden brown top. For chocolate cake mixes you are looking for a firm brownie-looking top.

Enjoy Your Campfire Dump Cake, er.. I mean Hobo Cobbler Dutch Oven Hobo Cobbler dessert Treat

Helpful Dutch Oven Heating Chart and Tips Dutch Oven Heating Chart and Tips

Check out the chart and cooking tips

This Dutch oven Temperature chart will help you use the right amount of coals or briquettes for the size of your Dutch oven, to get the temperature you want.

Here are those Dutch oven liners and campfire gloves discussed above.

Even if you are not interested in buying now, these examples will give you an idea of the choices you have and the prices you can expect.

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More fun and easy camping recipes for kids:

Notes and discussions:
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