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Coleman Camping stove Combo Grill
Camp Stove Grill Griddle Combo

Should I buy a combo camping stove?
Are the new combo camp stoves with a burner and a grill, (or griddle), plate a good idea? Do they make good camping stoves?

The answer to both questions depends mostly on the type of camp cooking you do. If you know that almost all of your cooking will be grilled food, like burgers, hot dogs, and steaks, and you never need more than one burner for your coffee pot, or one pan, then a combo stove might be a good choice for you. But they are almost never a good choice to be your primary, (or only), camp stove – especially for new campers that aren’t yet sure what kind and how much camp cooking they will be doing.

Of course there are exceptions, but if you need a grill or griddle surface, a separate griddle plate that fits on your camp stove is almost always a better choice.

That does not mean combo stoves are not a good idea…
They work great for what they were designed to do, and the Amazon customer reviews rave about Coleman’s model – your choice just depends on your camping style and cooking needs.

Several top-rated companies like, Coleman, Camp Chef, and Stansport make very good quality combo stoves. It is just a matter of how you plan to use your camp stove. You can use a pot or frying pan on the grill or griddle surface, but it will not be as efficient as it would over an open burner.

99 of 119 customer reviews gave this Coleman model a 4 or 5-star rating. They loved the grill grate for cooking everything from steaks to burgers to kabobs. But, each of them also bought this stove for specific grilling use – not as their only and everyday camp stove.
Colman camping stove combo grill reviews

Your cooking style will decide if a combo camp stove is right for you.

*Because he does a lot of his cooking with a campfire too, Gus uses separate griddle and grill plates on his Coleman camp stove. (they can also be used with a campfire) But, if he was going to take two camp stoves – a combo grill stove would be a good choice.

Note: Stove reviewed was a demo/display model provided by our local Gander Mountain Outlet, and they did let me keep it in exchange for an advert which you will see below. (but I still liked the stove enough to use my own Amazon affiliate links – which I only use to recommend quality camping equipment.)

I took this stove on a 3-day weekender with three friends. We had planned two dinners of steaks and burgers as a test for the grill combo stove. It worked great. Better for the steaks than the burgers, but both cooked easily on the Coleman grill.

We also used the grill burner for our breakfast skillet cooking, and although it did take longer for it to bring our cast iron skillet up to temp., once there, our sausage and bacon cooked as nicely as on my old 2-burner stove. This stove’s full-coverage drip shield also made clean-up a snap.

If you want a grill combo stove – this one is a good choice… But, for as much general camp cooking as I do, I still think my griddle and grill plates are an easier and more flexible option than bringing along a second stove. That call is yours to make. Your camping style may fit a grill combo camping stove. If it does, then there are several good models, (you can find the links below). I happen to like the Coleman combo for it’s brand.

Coleman Camping stove Combo Grill

Coleman Camping Stove Instastart Grill Combo

   ★★★★ Top Pick for Grilling Campers
Just click the link or image to see the details and more customer reviews.

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