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Coleman NorthStar Propane Camping Lantern
Coleman NorthStar Propane Camping Lantern

Coleman NorthStar Camping Lantern Review – [VIDEO]

See Coleman’s brightest camping lantern – the 1543 Lumen camper’s choice.
When only the best will do, and performance is important to you, Coleman’s Northstar propane or duel fuel camping lantern is a choice you should consider.

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Rated at a very bright 1543 Lumens, (the next closest competitor is 967 Lumens), the NorthStar can light-up most camp sites, and with its variable PerfectFlow control, it can also be turned down to a dim evening setting for those relaxing moments around the campfire.

The propane model is designed to use a standard 16.4 oz. propane canister, but it can also be hooked up to light-pole arrangement using a larger 20 lb. propane tank. Listed with a retail price of $64.99 just for the propane lantern, ($139 for duel-fuel), you can find a package deal that includes a hard-case, (highly recommended), for storage and transport for around $80 at – the ‘net’s largest and most trusted online market place.

We took two NorthStars on a camping trip to Maryland’s Green Ridge State Forest for this review. One propane model, and one duel-fuel model. Usually it is hard to get excited about a camping lantern, But when we fired them up at dusk the first night, every one of us were noticeably impressed by the amount of light they put out. We also had a “standard” Coleman lantern with us and a side-by-side comparison was no contest. The NorthStar looked like it put out twice as much light.

Coleman NorthStar camping lantern

The Instastart button sparked and lit the lantern each time we tried it, and the gas flow control did what it was supposed to do – allow us to go from super-bright to a mellow low-light without any flickering or intermittent gas gurgling.

We were also impressed with the metal guard that surrounded the glass lantern globe. It protects against accidental contact, (and a nasty burn), as much as it protected the glass from breakage. It could be a feature you never need, but when it does do its job – you will be really glad it was there.

I am a life-long Coleman gear fan, and this lantern lived up to my high expectations. There is a reason Coleman is the industry leader for camping gear like this – their gear is reliable, well-made, and works like it is supposed to without any fuss.

It may have been just the “macho” factor, or the way it looked, because the propane model worked just as well as the duel-fuel, but all of us in camp seemed to prefer the duel-fuel lantern. And we also all agreed that this was a lantern you wanted a hard-case for. This lantern was just too good to toss around and bang up.

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Amazon customer reviews for the Coleman NorthStar propane lantern

Coleman NorthStar camping lantern review
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Coleman NorthStar camping lantern

The NorthStar puts out an impressive 1,543 lumens of light – and burns for up to 9.25 hours on Low and 4.3 hours on High with a single 16.4-ounce Coleman propane cylinder. It is the brightest camp lantern that Coleman makes. It is the design of the single large insta-clip tube mantle that provides the surface for all that illumination.

You can read all the tech specs using the Amazon links from the images, but here are the basics:

  • InstaStart™ ignition for matchless lighting.
  • High-temperature globe resists cracking from heat.
  • Metal guard reduces rattling and protects the globe.
  • PerfectFlow™ system for consistent gas flow and light output.
Coleman NorthStar camping lantern

• Coleman NorthStar Camping Lantern

★★★★ Top Pick for Propane Lanterns
Price range: Sugg. Retail: $69.99 – $159.99
Amazon price: $44.99 – $84.99
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