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Coleman Camping Stove and cookware
  Camp stove and cookware

Best Camping Stove Starter Set-up for New Campers

If you are new to camping, deciding what camping equipment you need for cooking – just to get started – can be a little overwhelming. Everybody has different suggestions, and there are dozens of choices for each piece of gear. So how do you decide what to get?

Just start with the basics…

This list of “starter” gear will not only equip you with the basics you need for your camp cooking, but will also be a solid foundation for all the other cooking gear you will add as you become more familiar with cooking in a campsite.

*to get an idea of what you should look for in a good camping stove – See this article: “What kind of camp stove should I get?, and this article about basic camp cookware will give you an idea of the “essential cooking gear” needed for campsite cooking.

*all shopping links are my own Amazon affiliate links – which I only use to recommend good-quality camping gear – Gus

Backpacking stoves are also often called camping stoves, but they are a very different kind of stove from the ones you use in a ‘base’ campsite, vs. a ‘hiking’ campsite, and they are discussed in another article: Best Camping stoves for Backpacking.

Going straight to the bottom-line; here are the basic pieces of cooking equipment you will need:

  • Camping stove – Probably a 2-burner propane stove
  • Pots and pans, (and a frying pan), to cook in
  • Cooking utensils – spatula, ladle, serving spoon
  • Camp kitchen knives – at least one large and one small
  • A cutting board
  • Eating gear – plates, cups, utensils

This Camp Cooking Starter Packagehas all those basic items in kits for about $130, and includes free shipping!

* you can pick and choose which items you want to add to your cart.

Coleman’s 2-burner Perfect-flow camping stove is not just a great “first” camp stove, it’s also a great piece of camp cooking equipment that will get the job done for any camp cook.
The pots and pans set give you the flexibility of multiple sizes, and nest together for easy storage.
The Camp kitchen knife set is especially nice with its own storage case that will keep your camping knives safe and secure, plus it includes a cutting board.
There are several good features about the above items, one of the most useful is that they are complete sets. The above
Coleman’s Camping Dining set is also complete with all the plates, cups, bowls, and utensils for a service for four.
Camping Stove Propane Fuel Tanks
These are the standard 16.4oz size disposable propane tanks most commonly used with propane camp stoves. Pkg. of 2 tanks.

Note: Check-out the complete camp cooking package here. Remember – you can also choose only the pieces you want, if you don’t need them all.

Now about some extras:
Here are a couple extra camping and cooking items that cam make camp cooking a lot easier. They are not necessities, but they sure are nice to have.

Camp Tip: Organize with collapsible camp coolers.

collapsible camp cooler

Collapsible camp coolers are a great way to organize your camp food. All your camp coolers don’t have to be those heavy rigid ones! Of course you will need at least one of those for your ice and drinks, and long-term cold storage, but if you use the smart camping tip about freezing most of the food for your camp meals, these collapsible coolers are great.

Their soft-side design make them easier to cram into that last available spot between the other camping gear, and best of all they collapse when empty, (much easier to pack out of camp). Collapsible Camp Coolers

Another Space Saver – Collapsible Water Container

Camp Water Carrier

Another space saver that does a necessary camp chore – a collapsible camp water jug. Gallon jugs of water can get expensive and take up a lot of space. A collapsible water jug will keep a ready supply of water and collapse down to a minimal size for packing. Camp Water Carrier

Where to Buy The Camping Gear You Need:
Often your local camping and outdoor supply store isn’t the place to get the best prices on the camping cooking equipment you need, unless you can catch a hot sale. Quality camping cookware and equipment can be pricey – so go prepared, check online prices first so you have something to compare to. is a good place to check first. Their prices are usually better than anywhere else, and they are regarded as the most trusted marketplace online, . Almost every item qualifies for Free shipping for purchases over $25, and their free 3 – 5 day standard shipping is almost always faster than that. Plus, their return policy is better and easier than Walmart’s.

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Here are some examples of other camping equipment and gear you might need with your camping stove.

Even if you are not interested in buying now, these examples will give you an idea of the choices you have and the prices you can expect.


Another reason to check-out Amazon, -free standard shipping. Camping equipment can be heavy, and almost everything discussed here will ship for free if your purchase is over $49!


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