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Basic camping equipment …
Essential camping gear

This camping list of basic gear and equipment will get you started. It includes the essentials needed to set-up your own campsite with the necessities, plus some suggested “nice-to-haves.”

From bare essentials to “luxury” gear that will really enhance your camping enjoyment.

Tip: The #1 first thing to start with is a complete camping checklist, and a budget. Looking at a camping list of all the gear you might use, or need, and an idea of how much money you have to spend, plus knowing what kind of camping you want to do, will help you decide exactly what camping equipment and gear is essential for you.

Here is a printable Master camping checklist that will help you decide what you want to get first.

The weekend camping trip …

The most common first-time camping trip is a weekend trip – Friday afternoon to Sunday afternoon, in a non-extreme, (not Mt. Everest, or Arctic Circle), campsite or campground. Having electric, water, and bath facilities will make things easier, but with these essentials you can still enjoy camping without those amenities.

*Note: This is gear you need to set-up a campsite, and doesn’t include personal gear and food, but there are links to those resources too.

Also, all shopping and comparison links used are my own Amazon Affiliate links – which I only use to recommend good-quality camping gear – Gus

Your camping gear list:

Tip: Unless you find a hot sale somewhere, Amazon will almost always offer the best prices for the camping gear you need. Plus, almost every item mentioned qualifies for FREE shipping.

Some “extra” camping gear you might need:

If you want to do campfire cooking.

Some “useful” camping gear you will probably want:

  • Camping axe or hatchet
    A camping hatchet, or short-handle axe will take care of most of your chopping needs. And you will almost certainly encounter some chopping or hammering needs on a camping trip.

Non-gear stuff you also need:

  • Trash bags
  • Paper towels
  • Toilet paper
  • Matches or a lighter
  • Personal flashlight
  • Personal camping knife
  • Small shovel or trowel
  • First Aid kit

Here is a page-formatted, printable personal gear checklist that includes things like your clothes and sleeping gear.

And here is that complete detailed camping gear checklist again.It will give you an idea of other camping equipment and gear that might be “essential” to you.

The easy way: – Here is a wish list selection of camping gear for new campers. Just pick the items you need, in the price range you want, and get the complete package with just a few clicks.

  • Camping gear for new campers

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Camping equipment for new campers

Is it more than just an invite? Do you need more than just your personal camping gear? Do you want to build your own supply of camping gear?

Check out these related camping resources:

Complete Camping Stove and Cookware Starter set, all in one package! Great for the new camper. All the basics needed for campsite cooking in one inexpensive package. – Camp Stove, Pots and Pans, Cooking and eating utensils, Plates, Cups, and more. Just pick and choose from the list to create your own “starter set.” Camping Stove and Cookware Starter Set:

>>> More “How to pick…” camping equipment guides
Here are some examples of the camping equipment discussed above.

Even if you are not interested in buying now, they will give you an idea of the choices you have and the prices you can expect.


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