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Bear in Collapsible Bag Camp Chair
  Bear in camp chair

Essential Camping Gear – Your Camp Chair

The best designed and best made camping chairs in the world are not really the best – if they are not suited to your needs and desires, no matter what the “camping experts” tell you – they are probably trying to sell you something.

The best chair for a car-camper will not be the best chair for a backpacker. Just as the best one for a young whipper-snapper might not be the best for an old fogey.

The most common camp chairs, (and stools), now are collapsible bag chairs, and there are “best” features you should look for:

  • Quick-drying easy to clean weather-proof materials – obviously
  • Reinforced seams, stitching, and pressure points
  • Compact storage – from fold-up stools, to telescoping legs, to aluminum lawn chairs – a good camp chair should fold or collapse for transport and storage
  • Seat size – size does matter. If you are a large camper, be sure to consider the larger, (quad-size), camp chairs that have a wider seats and stronger frames.

The good news about collapsible camp chairs …

Unlike many pieces of camp gear and camping equipment, the collapsing design of this style chair is fairly standard, and unless you buy the cheapest of the cheap from a Dollar store – you don’t have to buy the most expensive to get a good camp chair.

*Many RV campers swear by their folding aluminum chairs, but … even though they can be used for camping, are they really camping chairs?

And those multi-segmented collapsible chairs with a canopy, lounger-style foot rest, and fold out side table … have you ever tried to collapse and repack one of those? Are they really a camp chair, or just a portable poolside or deck chair?

Note: Amazon.com is highly recommended; they usually have better prices than local stores, shipping is very quick, and their return policy is even better than Walmart’s.

*The links below are my own Amazon affiliate links – which I only use to recommend good quality camping gear.
The Most important feature:
*Note: Camp chair seats are not all the same – some are higher, (or lower), than others. Be sure to note if a description mentions this.


  • Reinforced stitching and pressure points
camping chair bad stitching features

 camping chair good stitching features

Note that in top image, (Fig. 1), the arm fabric does not completely cover the support arm, and that there is a “notch” in the opening the support arm slides into. This is the first place this material will rip because there is no reinforcing stitching to strengthen it.

You can see in the bottom image, (Fig. 2), the arm fabric does cover the entire arm support, and there is a reinforced stitched seam. This chair will last much longer, with fewer tears.

More traditional camp chair choices:

Collapsible Bag Camp Chair

These camping chairs include both rigid-frame folding chairs, and the more popular collapsible bag chairs.

Just be sure to take a good look at the images to be sure the one you like has reinforced stitching.
Available in canvas, rip-stop nylon, and mesh fabrics, there are also padded models – from just a padded headrest, to padding everywhere.

Price range: $18 – $121
Best Buy in the $22 to $39 price range


Camp Stools

Collapsible camp stools

Camp stools like these can be used as an addition to your camp chair, or as a choice for backpackers and minimalist campers

From sturdy aluminum tubular framing, to minimalist wire rod frames to the typical collapsible tripod legs – these rugged camp stools are a great addition to your camping gear.

Available in canvas or rip-stop nylon.

Price range: $8.86 – $41.96

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With multiple styles to choose from, you’ll be sure to find one you like.
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Once you use a folding camp shovel, and discover all its uses around camp you will wonder why you didn’t include one in your camp gear sooner. This sturdy but light-weight Coleman model is so compact it even fits in a 10″ carry-bag. Here are some of the models available:
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