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Geocaching Apps
Android smartphones, and more

There are several good geocaching apps for android smartphones – but they are not all-created-equal.

It’s hard to beat a dedicated geocaching GPS unit, but in a less than extreme environment these smartphone apps can get the job done.

Notes about geocache apps:

  1. Most of the better apps use’s Live API to access current geocache data. This means that basic, (free) membership app users have limited features. A premium membership, (at, is needed to access most of the better features of these geocaching apps.
  2. Be sure to check the customer reviews and comments for any app you might consider. Even though prices are relatively cheap, (.99 to $9.99), an app that runs slow or buggy isn’t worth even a cheap price.
  3. Be sure to check that an app is compatible with your smartphone’s operating system version. Many apps only work with newer smartphones.

Android geocaching apps:

Neogeo geocaching app logo

Neongeo Android App
Although not intended as an endorsement as the only “best” geocaching app for android phones – Neongeo does have the most satisfied-customer reviews, and 5-star ratings. It should definitely be the first one you check.

Current app price: $4.68, but remember, you will also want/need a premium membership at $30 per year. (you will need this for most of the good apps)

Available: 30-day free trail offer

CacheSense geocaching app logo

CacheSense Android App
Originally written for the Blackberry, the Cachesense app is now also available for Android phones. based on reviews and ratings – Cachesense is neck-and-neck with Neongeo as one of the best geocaching apps available.

Even though both have comparable features lists, Cachesense users rave about the constant updates to keep Cachesense current, and the excellent user support from its creators – ZitaFarms.

Current app price: $5.99, but don’t forget about the premium membership.

Available: 30-day free trail offer

FREE Android Geocaching App

c:geo geocaching app logo

c:geo FREE Android App
Besides the “FREE” part, c:geo users love the uncomplicated nature of this app. You get all the features and functions you expect from a geocaching app – but without all the “fuzz” of some of the other premium apps.

It has one social feature that users love/hate – depending on your perspective, c:geo has the ability to show you other c:geo users in your area searching for the same caches you are.

Current app price: $0 – and you can forget about the premium membership costs – c:geo uses a different method to access all that good Live Cache information.

Even as good as these geocaching apps are, using a smartphone as your GPS has limitations:

  • Obviously, your searches will be limited to areas with cell tower coverage
  • Smartphone GPS functions do not hold their location “lock” as well as dedicated GPS units – especially in big city/skyscraper areas
  • Battery drain will be rapid – geocaching apps use a lot of processing and display power

But even with those limitations – they are great tools for urban/suburban and typical micro-cache hunts.

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And don’t forget about geocache swag

Finding and exchanging swag items is a big part of the fun – especially when kids are involved too. Here are some details and ideas concerning geocache swag

GeoCoins GeoTokens
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geocache travel geoflag
Geocache Travel Flags

Some geoflags are also trackables

Notes and discussions:

Here are a few more pieces of geocaching gear you might be interested in:

Hiking and Trekking poles work great for geosearchers. Besides their obvious walking support, they are great for brushing aside the undergrowth, and poking and prodding to find that cache hidden under nature’s cover.

This inexpensive model is not only anti-shock, but it also telescopes from a compact 27 inches to a full 55 inch trekking pole.

And it comes with a carabiner clip, compass, and mini-thermometer. See available Geosearcher Trekking Pole


Get all the information and advice you need to jump-start your new geocaching hobby.
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