Top 3 Geocaching iPhone Apps

geocaching iPhone apps

Geocaching iPhone Apps
There are geocaching apps for most models of the iPhone, including the iPhone 5.

It’s hard to beat a dedicated handheld GPS unit for geocaching, but unless you are in extreme environments, like the Grand Canyon or the Rockies, these geocaching apps for your iPhone will do the job just fine.

Geocaching iPhone apps notes:

  • Most of the better apps use’s Live API to access current geocache data. This means that basic, (free), membership app users have limited features. This is a limitation – not a limitation imposed by the app. A premium membership, (at, is needed to access most of the better features of these geocaching apps.
  • Be sure to check the customer reviews and comments for any app you might consider. Even though prices are relatively cheap, (.99 to $9.99), an app that runs slow or buggy isn’t worth even a cheap price.

iPhone Geocaching Apps

Looking 4 Cache Pro geocaching app logo

Looking 4 Cache Pro iPhone App
This app will also work on the iPad, and is rated as a top pick, even over the original Groundspeak app from
As a top pick that is highly rated by consumer reviews, it obviously has all the right features – but it also rates higher for ease-of-use of these geocaching features than the other popular apps.

One of the popular Look 4 Cache app capabilities is its offline abilities, which means you can work on planning and organizing your geosearches without having to be connected live to the site(s).
Current app price:

Available: FREE basic version

Geocaching by Groundspeak geocaching app logo

Geocaching by Groundspeak iPhone App
From the acknowledged originators of geocaching, Groundspeak Inc., this is the current version of their popular geocaching app.

As would be expected from innovators – this app set the standard for smartphone geocaching apps, and its constant updates have maintained its appeal to geosearchers.

But… be sure to check current customer reviews. As of this writing, some users were having problems with the app display functions.

Available: 30-day free trial offer

An inexpensive first-tool.
The development of smartphone, (and iPhone), geocaching apps is one of the reasons for the increasing popularity of geocaching. Now you can try geocaching without having to buy a dedicated handheld GPS unit.

And, these apps make it so easy to start, (doesn’t everyone have a smartphone now?), geocaching, they are also one of the reasons urban/suburban and semi-wild geocaching has so many new participants.

If you are interested, here are a couple of the top-rated entry-level dedicated Geocaching GPS units at around $100

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GeoCoins GeoTokens
geocache geocoin

are also trackables
geocache geotoken

just for fun
geocache geoflag

Some geoflags are also trackables
Geocache Travel Bugs Geocache Travel Tags
geocache travel bug
Geocache Travel Bugs

Travel bugs are trackables

Geocache Travel Tags

Travel tags are trackables
Geocache Travel Flags
geocache travel geoflag
Geocache Travel Flags

Some geoflags are also trackables

Notes and discussions:

Here are a few more pieces of geocaching gear you might be interested in:

Geocaching Trekking Pole

Geosearcher Trekking Pole
Hiking and Trekking poles work great for geosearchers. Besides their obvious walking support, they are great for brushing aside the undergrowth, and poking and prodding to find that cache hidden under nature’s cover.
This inexpensive model is not only anti-shock, but it also telescopes from a compact 27 inches to a full 55-inch trekking pole. And it comes with a carabiner clip, compass, and mini-thermometer. See available Geosearcher Trekking Pole


Geocaching Howto and log books

Geocaching How-to and Log Books

Get all the information and advice you need to jump-start your new geocaching hobby.
From the “For Dummies” series to more advanced tips and tricks, and, hiking-formatted log books – these selections will provide the “fine points” of geosearching. See available Geocaching How-to and Log Books

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