What is Geocaching Swag

Camping geocache swag

Geocaching Swag
Geotokens, Geocoins, and Travel Bugs

Geocache “swag” is the term used to describe the contents of a geocache, and it can be anything you want it to be. As long as it’s small and non-perishable.

The most common swag items are small cheap plastic toy-type stuff, but there are also “official” swag items. Things like geotokens and geocoins, and travel bugs and trackers, are specific to geocaching, and they make nice additions to a cache – but the trinket-type items are the most common “swag” found in a geocache container.

The concept of Geocache Swag:
For geosearchers, the treasure of a cache is the thrill of the hunt, and the “find,” but being able to keep a token of the search is like icing on a cake – a nice extra touch.

To keep caches from being depleted, a mutual understanding developed that if you take something, you leave something of comparable value. And to keep caches from being objects of plunder, their contents had to be of little monetary value.

The idea of geocache swag was born.

Remembering that swag has to be small, and non-perishable, and, that if you take something – you leave something, here are some examples of “non-official” swag:

Camping geocache swag

Of course there is “official” geocache swag too – But… numbered and recorded; geocoins, (not all geocoins are numbered – some are intended as swag), travel bugs, and travel tags are not swag items. These items are intended to either be recorded as “found only,” or to be carried forward to another geocache. The point is they are intended to remain in the geocaching world – not somebody’s swag collection.

GeoCoins GeoTokens
geocache geocoin

Some geocoins are also trackables
geocache geotoken

Geotokens are just for fun
geocache geoflag

Some geoflags are also trackables
Geocache Travel Bugs Geocache Travel Tags
geocache travel bug
Geocache Travel Bugs

Travel bugs are trackables

Geocache Travel Tags

Travel tags are< trackables
Geocache Travel Flags
geocache travel geoflag
Geocache Travel Flags

Some geoflags
are also trackables

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