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Fun Camp Games and Activities for Kids

These simple, fun, and easy camping games and activities for kids are traditional camp favorites. From active running and tag-type games, to quieter circle games, these game ideas are great for hiking breaks and free-time.

From summer camp games to games for just 3 or 4 kids, theses ideas will help you avoid hearing the dreaded, “I’m bored!”

Circle Games:
Circle games are camp games that keep the kids grouped together, either in a circle, around a table, (or campfire), or just in a group.

Campsite Alphabet – (semi-tame, and easy)
Have the kids sit in a circle, then, starting with the youngest, they take turns going through the alphabet – naming something in camp that starts with their letter. For instance: Youngest kid has the “A”, then next in circle has “B”, then “C,” and so on. If someone fails to see something in camp that starts with their alphabet letter – they are eliminated. Game continues, (alphabet can be repeated), until you have a winner. (last person to name their letter)


  • Named item must be in sight for all to see
  • Items may only be named once
  • Players must remain seated
  • The “Q” and “X” are “Free turns” – who ever gets them can name any camp item – as long as it has not already been named.


  • Pick some object, (water bottle, pine cone, flashlight, hat, anything), for the kids to hold during their turn, and pass to next player when they are done. – It helps keep track of turns
  • To keep “eliminated” kids involved – tell them that if they can name an item a “stumped” player can’t – they get to trade places and get back into the game.

Telephone Message – (semi-tame, and easy)
Materials needed: 1 small piece of paper for each kid in game. (post-it note, or index card sized) – and a pen or pencil to write and draw with.

This is a twist on the traditional telephone game where campers whisper a message, and it gets passed from ear to ear. Until it reaches the last kid – and the garbled final message is compared to the original.

To start:

  • Make a stack or pad of the pieces of paper, and hand them, (and the pen or pencil), to the first player.
  • First player thinks of some crazy image – like a polka-dot pig on a swing, or a Zebra-striped squirrel on a bicycle, etc., and write it on the top piece of paper. He then passes the papers, (including the one he wrote on) and the pen or pencil to the next player.
  • The next player reads the description of the image passed to him, then puts that piece of paper on the bottom of the stack, and draws a picture of the description they jut read on the next blank piece of paper.
  • They then pass everything to the next player who puts the picture on the bottom of the pile – and writes a description of the image on the next blank piece of paper, and passes to next player.
  • This continues – description/image, description/image – until papers reach the first player – then image or description are compared to original description

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