Camp Games and Camping Activities for Kids

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Let them Play! – Camp Games and Activities for Kids

Scavenger hunts, nature games, card games, and woodcraft

Camp games – for groups of kids, or just one or two. Camping activities – from blowing bubbles to lashings and wood craft. From old favorites to new ideas, these games and activities will help you make sure the kids, (and you), enjoy their camping trip as much as you imagined.

Camp activities can be as complex or as simple as you want them to be. Most of these suggestions can be tailored to any age or group size.

Face the Facts:
• Kids thrive on activity, they want to be active and involved all the time. So if you want time to relax, make sure you have planned for activities for them.

In Camp Games

Kid's Activities playing cards
In-camp games and activities they can do on their own

These in-camp activity suggestions; like camp card games, blowing bubbles, nature rubbings, magnifying glass inspections, and others, are things kids can do on their own, with just a watchful eye from you.

Camping and Hiking Activities

 kids hiking in woods
Hiking and Camp Games and Activities

Scavenger Hunts, Nature’s Bingo, Round-Robin Stories, I Spy, Memory games, and more … activities for kids that do more than just “occupy” them.

Don’t forget the importance of camp safety and the basics of first aid for kids

Camp Lashing and Woodcraft Projects

Camping with kids Weather Rock
Camp Lashing and Woodcraft Projects

Simple and easy lashing projects that you can do with the kids. Give them the pride of saying, “I made that” while they have fun and learn too.

Camping with kids Teepee
Make a ‘Teepee’ Tent They Can Play In

This camp activity lets them make and decorate a camp teepee they can play in. Easy, cheap, and something camping kids can do themselves with just a little supervision from you.

Rainy Day and Bad Weather Ideas

This “Bad Weather” Survival kit will help maintain everyone’s sanity when bad weather forces kids, (and you), inside a tent or cabin for long periods of time.

Boy Scout Handbooks

A Boy Scout Handbook can be one of the most helpful pieces of general camping gear you can have when you are camping with kids!
This handbook contains easy to understand answers and how-to’s for almost any camping question or situation. Plus, it contains plant and foliage identifications, campsite activity suggestions, woodcraft project suggestions, (with instructions), knot tying tips and instructions, ( a great fill-in for bad weather situations), survival tips, and detailed primary first aid instructions.
Boy Scout Handbook

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Here are some other samples of camping gear, accessories, and tools that will make your outdoor camping trip as fun and enjoyable as you want it to be.


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