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Camp breakfast foods and recipes kids will love.

camping breakfast ideas recipes for kids
Camping Breakfast Ideas for Kids

These breakfast ideas range from the simple cereal and juice to hearty 1-skillet combos, and they are all made with kids, and your camping agenda in mind.
Making your kid’s favorite foods in camp doesn’t have to be complicated, or time-consuming – it just takes a little creativity.

   *These camping menu and meal planning tips will help you decide what you need for the meals, and these smart camp food packing tips can save time and weight when it comes to getting all the food and coolers into camp.

Camping Breakfast Ideas and Recipes for Kids

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Famous Hobo Baggie Omelet

Hobo baggie omelet and brown n serve sausages
Hobo Omelet in a Baggie

So much easier than it looks. The famous hobo omelet in a baggie that the kids can make themselves. All you need is some Brown n’ Serve sausages and a pot of boiling water. Baggies, eggs, bacon bits and shredded cheese.
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Step it up a notch!

Cheesy Grits Camping Breakfast
Cheesy Grits Camping Breakfast

So easy with instant grits.
For a warm breakfast in cooler temps this Cheesy Grits breakfast will be a hit with kids and adults.
Regular or instant grits, scrambled eggs, bacon bits, and shredded cheese.
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camp stove or campfire bread toaster
Tip: Add toasted bread, muffins, or bagels to your camp breakfast with one of these inexpensive, ($5), folding camp toasters. works on a camp stove or campfire grate.
See camp toaster selections


The Fun of Pie Irons

Pie Iron Breakfast Sandwiches over campfire
Pie Iron Breakfast Sandwiches

Another great kid’s camping breakfast that is easier than it looks. Making them in a pie iron is the most fun, but they can also be made in a skillet on a camp stove – just like grilled cheese sandwiches.
Bread, butter, eggs, cheese, and Brown n’ Serve sausage crumbles.
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Hearty Breakfast Burrito

Breakfast Burrito Camping Breakfast
Breakfast Burrito Camping Breakfast

Starts like a skillet scramble, but spooned onto a tortilla and wrapped like a burrito. Kids love the basic breakfast foods in this one.
Tortillas, Scrambled eggs, shredded cheese, crumbled bacon or sausage and frozen hashbrowns.
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Fried Breakfast Biscuits

camping breakfast biscuits in cast iron skillet
Pan Fried Breakfast Biscuits

So easy. So fast. And so delicious. Kids love these filled breakfast biscuits, and they cook in less than a minute! Fill them with fruit pie fillings, jams or preserves, or even cheese and bacon bits.
Can be cooked on a camp stove or campfire. Canned biscuit doughs and your choice of fillings..
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Camp French Toast

French Toast on Plate Camping Breakfast
French Toast Camping Breakfast
Sure you think Pancakes are easy, but not as easy and delicious as this French Toast Breakfast. Just skillet fry some frozen Tator Tots and apple chunks and your young campers will be asking for more.

The secret is in the eggs. Allow two whipped eggs per camper, (enough for two pieces of French Toast). For every four eggs add; 1 tsp. sugar, 1/2 tsp. ground cinnamon, 1 tbsp. milk, and salt to taste. Use a cast iron skillet or griddle for best results. For the Tator Tots and apples – just cut a peeled apple(s) into bite-size chunks and scramble both around in a skillet until hot.


coleman camp stove grills and griddles
Camp Stove Griddles

Tip: A cast iron griddle or grill plate will be one of the best pieces of camp cooking gear you ever buy. No more struggling with limited space, or thin frying pans. Just fit the griddle over your camp stove burners, (or campfire grate), and you will soon be cooking restaurant-quality food.


Not new… just overlooked

milk and cereal breakfast for kids
Hot or Cold Cereal Breakfast
Don’t overlook milk and cereal or instant oatmeal just because you have a camping breakfast in mind. Kids love cereal, and when you have a rushed morning, or just want something quick and easy, cereal and juice give the kids a healthy start to the day.
Tip: You can “beef-up” this breakfast by adding a piece of fruit, or even toast, bagels, or muffins.
For super-easy; get those single serving cereal packs and some plastic spoons. And bananas!


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Camping Lunch Ideas for Kids

Typical camp lunches are quick and easy – grab and go meals. With the emphasis on little preparation or cook time.

Tacos in a Bag Camp Lunch

  • Tacos in a Bag Camp Lunch idea
    A quick and easy camp meal with almost no clean-up, but lots of novelty. Your kids will be talking about this one long after the camping trip is over.

Pie Iron Camp Food Grilled Cheese

CampingwithGus.com Kid's Bad Weather Survival Kit

•  Rainy Weather Survival Kit for Camping with Kids

This “Bad Weather” Survival kit will help maintain everyone’s sanity when bad weather forces kids, (and you), inside a tent or cabin for long periods of time.


If you go camping with kids, you should have at least one Pie Iron, (preferably one for each kid), in your camping cookware. They are versatile – you can make anything from grilled cheese sandwiches to instant fruit pies. And they are so safe and easy to use that you can let your young campers make their own fun camping recipes for kids.

Just pop in the ingredients, close, cook over the campfire, and out comes delicious sandwiches, or biscuit-dough fruit tarts, or dozens of other camp food choices.


A Boy Scout Handbook is one of the most helpful pieces of general camping gear you can have. It’s a great source for camping ideas, tips, and activities for your young campers.

It contains easy to understand answers and how-to’s for almost any camping question. Plus, it contains plant and foliage identifications, campsite activity suggestions, survival tips, and detailed primary first aid instructions.

See available Boy Scout Handbooks


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