Indestructable Grizzly Camp Coolers – Best Ice Chest Review   Recently updated !

When only the best will do – go Grizzly!

Grizzly 150 Ice Chest Camping Cooler Ice Chest

The “Top Gun” of ice chests for your camping needs.

Are you worthy of a Grizzly cooler? Do you deserve the best of the best? Can you afford the best?

A cooler is an essential piece of camping equipment that has a very important job, and it’s not just as an ice chest.

The makers of Grizzly ice chest coolers have taken quality materials, sturdy construction, and design simplicity to the next level. If it’s not necessary to get the job done – you won’t find it on a Grizzly cooler.

You know the best when you see it.

Here is what the company promos say about their line of Grizzly coolers, from their 16-qt shoulder strap tote-able, to their massive Grizzly Extreme 400:

  • Designated the “Outdoor Everything Cooler,” Grizzly coolers are designed to accommodate any outdoor activity. From hunting and fishing game storage, to extreme camping food storage.
  • Tested and designated “Bear Proof,” (with the use of shackle padlocks), by the IGBC testing protocols.
  • 19 day ice retention* – that is the company claim, but even if it’s exaggerated by a week – that’s still an impressive ice holding ability.
  • 3/16-inch UV stable polyethylene double-wall construction sandwiching their proprietary “ecomate” foam insulation.
  • .625-inch thick rubber lid gasket guarantees an airtight lid-to-body seal.
  • Channeled bottom with a 2″ drain
  • Heavy-duty, non-corrosive rubberized T-Handle latches with mold-in brass attachment points.
  • Integrated heavy duty handles strong enough to also be used for tie-down points.

Of course that all sounds good, and what else would you expect a company to say, but when you get a good look at one of these premium ice chests, or actually use one, you quickly discover that a Grizzly cooler lives up to the hype!

Grizzly 150 Ice Chest Camping Cooler

No bells and whistles to look shiny or break, or stuff you don’t need – just the best construction and durability available.

All Grizzly Coolers are American made, and come with a Lifetime guarantee!

Since a “review” should include Pro’s and Con’s – I could only find one “Con” with the Grizzly coolers – they are heavy. But considering the purpose and lifetime guarantee; is that really a “Con”?

A Grizzly cooler isn’t for the faint of heart, and they aren’t cheap, ($200 – $800), but if you’re man enough, and your wallet is fat enough – nobody will mistake you for a weekend warrior when they see this piece of gear in your boat or campsite!

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Grizzly coolers are available in four sizes and a variety of colors:
*Click image for price and availability

  • Grizzly 16 Capacity:
    20- 12 oz. cans: 16 – 12 oz. bottles
    10- 20 oz. bottles; 20 lbs of game
    SIZE – Weight: 11.5 lbs.
    20” wide x 11.5” deep x 14.5” height
  • Check price and availability


  • Grizzly 60 Capacity:
    78 – 12 oz. cans: 42 – 12 oz. bottles
    40 – 20 oz. bottles; 48 lbs of game
    SIZE – Weight: 25.75 lbs.,
    28.5” wide x 20” deep x 19.75” height
  • Check price and availability


  • Grizzly 150 Capacity:
    150 – 12 oz. cans: 162 – 12 oz. bottles
    132 – 20 oz. bottles; 122 lbs of game
    SIZE – Weight: 54 lbs.
    48.5” wide x 22.5” deep, 20.5” height
  • Check price and availability