Daily Archives: February 27, 2013

My First Bear Hunt – Bear on the Trail

Sponsored ad A scary morning and a bear on the trail Our view down the cut, from the crest of the mountain, was straight from a postcard. Where we were, at the tree-line, there weren’t any tall trees – well, they were twenty or thirty feet tall, but not tall […]

My First Bear Hunt

Sponsored ad A week-long bear hunting trip The dirt road leading up Pott’s Mountain was so crooked that if you spit out the front window it would come right back in the rear window. At least that’s what Pop Cliff said. Even worse, if you stepped out the passenger side […]

One Me and a Million Bees

Sponsored ad A 5-gal can and a million bees I was screaming for Mom-mom at the top of my lungs as I ran for the front door. Flailing at the swarming horde as I tried to outrun them to reach the safety of the house, my little seven year-old legs […]

Hold Still, I Won’t Hit You

Sponsored ad Big Hammer and little fingers “Just hold it still, I’m not going to hit you,” Pop said. Sure, my heart says I can trust him, but my head is saying, “No way, that’s a 16-pound sledge he’s swinging at my fingers.” I just couldn’t keep from flinching, so […]