Daily Archives: February 26, 2013

The Seagulls and The Crabs

Sponsored ad Pulling crabs and fooling gulls “Pop! Twenty-eight Dollars! Look, I got twenty-eight dollars for them!” I was breathless, I never had this much money in my life. I couldn’t believe it. I couldn’t believe somebody would pay that much for them. I could get some more tomorrow. I […]

Is He Dead Pop?

Sponsored ad The dog and Mom-mom’s heart pills “Is he dead Pop?” I asked, tears in my eyes. There was a wetness to Pop’s eyes too, as he gently laid him on the back seat. He didn’t look hurt. There wasn’t any blood or stuff like that. But he wasn’t […]

The Chicken Did it!

The Chicken and the match! “The chicken did it,” I sobbed. Over and over, as my little six year-old body was wracked with burning pain, that’s all I could say, “The chicken did it.” Mom Grace tried to calm me down so she could examine my leg, but I didn’t […]


Boy's feet with spit

The Rifle and Redman’s

Sponsored ad My first rifle and Pop’s Redman’s “No Pop! Stop!,” I pleaded, and he did, until the next time. There was always a next time. For the next eight years I lived on guard for the next time. But I could usually count on a little “serves you right” […]

The First Summer with Pop Cliff

Sponsored ad My first summer with Pop Cliff Dad dropped me off on the very first day of summer vacation. I had just finished the First Grade, I was six years-old, and I was going to spend the whole summer with Pop Cliff and Mom Grace. They lived in a […]