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How to Make Geocache Containers

Sponsored ad Geocache Containers What they are   • How to make one What to put in one   • Where to hide one Geocache containers generally come in two size categories; micro and very small – which are mostly used for Urban geocaches, and “everything else.” (as you will see below) The concept of the […]

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iPhone geocaching apps

Top 3 Geocaching iPhone Apps

Sponsored ad Geocaching iPhone Apps There are geocaching apps for most models of the iPhone, including the iPhone 5. It’s hard to beat a dedicated handheld GPS unit for geocaching, but unless you are in extreme environments, like the Grand Canyon or the Rockies, these geocaching apps for your iPhone […]

Top 3 Geocaching Apps for Android Phones

Sponsored ad Geocaching AppsAndroid smartphones, and more There are several good geocaching apps for android smartphones – but they are not all-created-equal. It’s hard to beat a dedicated geocaching GPS unit, but in a less than extreme environment these smartphone apps can get the job done. Notes about geocache apps: […]

iPhone geocaching apps

What is Geocaching Swag

Sponsored ad Geocaching SwagGeotokens, Geocoins, and Travel Bugs Geocache “swag” is the term used to describe the contents of a geocache, and it can be anything you want it to be. As long as it’s small and non-perishable. The most common swag items are small cheap plastic toy-type stuff, but […]