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Camping toilet privacy cabana

Portable Camping Toilet – 3 Best Choices

How to choose the best portable toilet or camp toilet. Do you really need a portable camping toilet? If you have women, girls, or kids in your camping group, the answer is yes! A portable camping toilet will make life a lot easier, even if you are camping in a […]

Easy Bannock Bread Camping Treat Recipes

Bannock Bread – Easy Camping Recipes From Breakfast to Campfire Treats Bannock bread has been a camping staple for centuries. It can be cooked as a flat bread on a cooking rock, a skillet loaf, a Dutch oven loaf, baked in a camping oven, and yes, even wrapped around a […]

cooking brannock bread

Salomon Winter Hiking Boot

3 Best Selling Winter Camping and Hiking Boots by Actual Customer Reviews

Top Selling Hiking Boots – rated by real campers Most hikers are familiar with famous brand hiking boots like; Red Wing, Columbia, Timberland, and Kenetrek, but have you heard of Salomon, the top selling hiking boot on Amazon? Sponsored ad And have you seen the actual customer reviews that rave […]

Campfire Hot Dog Spiders

Sponsored ad     Campfire Hot Dog Spiders Fun Camping Recipes for Kids Hot Dog Spiders and Octopus – another fun and easy camping recipes for kids that they can make themselves, with just a little adult supervision. These are so fun, and so easy to make that the kids will want […]

Campfire hot dog spider octopus squid

Grizzly 150 Camp Cooler

Indestructable Grizzly Camp Coolers – Best Ice Chest Review

Sponsored ad   When only the best will do – go Grizzly! The “Top Gun” of ice chests for your camping needs. Are you worthy of a Grizzly cooler? Do you deserve the best of the best? Can you afford the best? A cooler is an essential piece of camping […]

How to Make Dutch Oven Monkey Bread

Monkey Bread video of a camp cook – Is this a Fail? This camp cook has the right idea, but… the kids will have a lot more fun if you follow our instructions – instead of the video’s instructions. Here is all you need to make this camp or campfire […]

Monkey Bread Campfire Recipe for Kids

campfire orange brownies and cakes

How to Make Campfire Brownie Oranges

Campfire Orange Brownies Video The video shows the concept, but … it does not show that you should double-wrap the orange, AND, make the second wrap end with a “curly-que” or twisted-hook on top (as in photo above). This shows you which is the top of the orange, (don’t want […]

Tacos in a Bag Recipe Details

How to Make Walking Tacos Although this video shows how simple and easy this kid’s recipe is, it doesn’t show the after-fixins’ shaking and mixing – which is a big part of the fun for the kids. Let them do it. Here is all you need for this camp meal […]

Tacos in a Bag Camping with kids recipe

Burning camp lantyern mantles

How to Change Camping Lantern Mantles Using a Blowtorch

Sponsored ad Camping Bob Explains camp lantern mantles   Camp Lantern mantles Once again Camping Bob does his best to show how to change the mantles on a Coleman gas camping lantern – but could this be a demonstration FAIL instead? He does have the procedure straight … but there seems […]