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Coleman Quickpack Propane Camping Lantern
Coleman Propane Camping Lantern

Coleman Camping Lantern Review – rated by real campers

See Coleman’s new QuickPack Instastart camp lantern, as rated by actual camper’s choice – not some consumer products review or manufacturer website or promo.

A glowing camp lantern, like a roaring campfire is a traditional part of the camping experience, and Coleman, the industry leader for camp lights, has a winner with their new QuickPack Propane lantern.

With all the time-proven features that have made Coleman famous, this new QuickPack model now wraps it all up with a protective packing case that safely encloses the lantern globe during transport and storage.

Coleman QuickPack camping latern

And it is one of the most popular and best-selling lanterns on Amazon – the ‘nets largest and most trusted online marketplace.

We used this lantern on a 4-day 3-night camping trip in Maryland’s Green Ridge State Forest for this review. It is hard to rave about a camping lantern, they either work, or they don’t, and this lantern worked just fine – across a range of settings from full-blast glare, (it puts out over 900 lumens of light), to a dimmed setting for soft camp illumination.

We used it with the included base, sitting on the camp table during most of the evening, and then used it as a hanging lantern, (using the bale handle), for late evening when we just wanted a low light as we sat around the campfire.

The Instastart lighter worked as it was supposed to – every time, and the flow-control knob worked smoothly through all ranges – as was expected. Maybe it is my long history with Coleman products, and Coleman’s time and time again dependability, but when a piece of gear works as it is supposed to, and as you expect it to, it is hard to feel the WoW-factor a lot of camp gear reviews try to express.

But there was one WoW-factor – the compactness of the protective casing. I have those standard big storage cases for my lanterns, and this new QuickPack design gives the same lantern storage and transport protection at about half the space and a third of the weight. Definitely a big improvement.

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Amazon customer reviews for the Coleman 967 QuickPack lantern

Coleman 967 QuickPack camping lantern review FREE shipping
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Coleman 967 QuickPack camping lantern

One reviewer mentioned a problem with the Instastart, but we used ours repeatedly, and even a few extra times to test the sparker reliability – it worked every time. The base of the case is the base that fits on the propane bottle. Although there is no locking latch, our lantern’s QuickPack cover snapped together firmly each time we tried it – and it was still snapped shut when we unloaded our gear again at home.

  • 967 Lumens is a lot of light! Our campsite was not huge, (two tents and a campfire/cooking area), and this lantern had light to spare. We did not have to change the propane bottle until our third night.
  • The QuickPack cover and base work as advertised, but the material durability is not in the same class as my older suitcase-style lantern cases.

Coleman 967 QuickPack camping lantern

Coleman 967 QuickPack Camping Lantern

★★★★ Top Pick for Propane Lanterns
Price range: Sugg. Retail: $59.99
Amazon price: $32.99
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