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Camping Bob Explains Camp Lantern Mantles

blowtorch lighting camp lantern mantles
  Camp Lantern mantles

Once again Camping Bob does his best to show how to change the mantles on a Coleman gas camping lantern – but could this be a demonstration FAIL instead?

He does have the procedure straight … but there seems to be some safety issues using a blowtorch in the actual implementation.

Editor’s note: Clarification comments follow below video.


A note from Gus: This video was staged for comedic effect. The lantern globe did not really break, and there were no real cuts or burns.

The actual process for replacing mantles is as simple as removing the old ones, and tying or clipping on new ones. Then use a match to burn the new mantles, (this creates the ash filament form that actually produces the light), before using the lantern.

The cautions about hot lantern parts, broken globes, and fragile new mantles, (once burnt), are real.
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