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Winter Camping Gear

Winter Gear and Equipment List

From boots to snow shovels

Many winter camping gear supplies lists have a few items that you usually don’t think about – until you wish you had them.

From specific cold-weather clothing to snow shovels, this camping checklist will make sure you have all you need to enjoy, (survive?), a winter camping trip.

The Three Areas to Focus On

 • Clothing       • Shelter      • Camp Tools, Equipment and Gear

 • Winter Clothing:
Most campers know that dressing in layers is the best way to combat the cold, and deal with periods of exertion vs. sitting around. This camping gear list includes those layered options.
Inner wicking layer like Long Johns or BaseLayers, Middle warmth layer like a wool sweater or fleece pullover, and a wind and water resistant outer layer like ski pants and jackets, or Goretex shell garments.
 • Winter Shelter:
Would you have thought of a small whisk broom? Or an extra sleeping pad? And is your tent rated for winter temperatures? A 3-season tent can work for winter camping – as long as you are ready with the extra gear you need to keep warm.

 • Winter camping gear and equipment:
Don’t forget a small snow shovel. Or an extra tarp, (or large black trashbags), to protect your camping equipment from that overnight snow.

You will be surprised at how many uses you will find for a small snow shovel – and wonder why you ever did without one. And the black trash bags and extra tarp? They have amazing versatility for winter camping use.

An addition to your regular camping gear checklist:

This gear list is intended to be an add-on to the checklist you usually use to prepare for a camping trip.

It includes most gear needed for cold weather winter camping, but of course you will probably need to add your own specific items for extreme conditions.

*Here are some available standard camping supplies lists; Camping supplies and gear checklists.

*Note – all shopping links are my own Amazon affiliate links – which I only use to recommend good-quality camping gear – Gus

Personal cold-weather clothing gear:

*Note – these are in addition to your typical camping clothes.

Arctic camper in Winter Camping Gear
For more detailed information, on how the pros dress for
winter and cold weather camping and hiking, see
How to dress for Winter Camping.

Winter Tent and Shelter Gear:

Winter Camp Accessories, Tools, Gear:

 Winter Camping Gear
For more detailed information, on how the your camping gear will perform differently in winter temperatures, see
Pro Winter Camping gear tips.
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Winter camping Checklist

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Winter and Cold Weather Camping Gear

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