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How to Make Campfire Brownie Oranges

Campfire Orange Brownies Video The video shows the concept, but … it does not show that you should double-wrap the orange, AND, make the second wrap end with a “curly-que” or twisted-hook on top (as in photo above). This shows you which is the top of the orange, (don’t want […]

campfire orange brownies and cakes

campfire orange brownies and cakes

Brownie Oranges [VIDEO] – Campfire Dessert Treats

Easy Camping Recipes Ideas for Kids Campfire Brownies in Orangees Brownie Oranges – Campfire Treats With just a little adult supervision, this fun and easy camping recipe idea for kids is one they can can make themselves. So simple – just an orange, some brownie, (or cake), mix, and foil. […]