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5 Easy Beef and Pork Hobo Tin-Foil Dinners

Sponsored ad Hobo Dinners – Tin Foil Pack Camping Meals Easy Foil Pack Camping Dinners Hearty Red Meat Hobo Foil Packs – From Boy Scout hamburger packs that everybody knows, to spicy sausage creations they will love. The concept:Foil-pack meals are just basic meat and veggie ingredients cooked together in […]

Tin Foil Pack Hobo Dinners

Campfire hot dog spider octopus squid

Campfire Hot Dog Spiders

Sponsored ad     Campfire Hot Dog Spiders Fun Camping Recipes for Kids Hot Dog Spiders and Octopus – another fun and easy camping recipes for kids that they can make themselves, with just a little adult supervision. These are so fun, and so easy to make that the kids will want […]

How to Make Pie Iron Camp Food for Kids

Sponsored ad           Campfire Pie Iron Pizza Pie Iron Recipes for Kids Campfire Pie Iron Pizza – more fun and easy camping recipes for kids that they can help make themselves… with just a little adult supervision. Pie Iron Pizza is so easy the kids will want to do it on […]

Pie Iron Pizza over Campfire

Dutch oven charcoal coals heating chart

Dutch Oven Cooking Tips and Heating Chart

Sponsored ad How to Cook with a Dutch Oven Cast Iron Dutch Oven Cooking Campfire Heating Chart A ‘good ol’ cast iron Dutch oven is a must-have piece of cookware for experienced camp cooks, but mastering the art of using one for your camping recipes requires that you understand how […]

Hobo Goulash Camp Meal Recipe

Sponsored ad Easy Camp Meal Recipes Campfire Hobo Goulash Camping Recipe Get the most out of the least camping food, using the least amount of cookware – whether you use a campfire or a camp stove. Leaving the cook more time to enjoy what they came for. This Hobo Goulash […]

Hobo Goulash camp meal

Mexican Chili and Rice Camp Dinner Meal

Campfire Chili and Rice Camp Dinner

Sponsored ad Easy Camp Meal Recipes Campfire Chili Camp Meal Recipe Campfire cooking and cast iron skillets are a natural part of any outdoor camping trip, and camp cooks are always looking for easy recipes that will leave them more time to kick back in their folding camping chairs and […]

Creamy Chicken and Noodles – Camp Dinner Meal

Sponsored ad Easy Camp Meal Recipes Creamy Chicken and Noodles Camp Dinner Recipe – This Creamy Chicken and Noodles Camping Recipe is so easy to prepare you won’t believe how good it tastes. And when served from the cast iron skillet it is cooked in – it will be a […]

chicken and noodles campfire camping recipe plate

swiss steak camp dinner meal

How to Make Dutch Oven Swiss Steak

Sponsored ad Easy Camp Meal Recipes Easy Swiss Steak Camp Dinner Recipe – This Swiss steak recipe is a delicious, and easy, 1-pot camp meal that you slo-cook in a cast iron Dutch oven. You get a true Dutch oven campfire meal without spending a lot of time prepping. And […]

Brownie Oranges [VIDEO] – Campfire Dessert Treats

Sponsored ad Easy Camping Recipes Ideas for Kids Campfire Brownies in Orangees Brownie Oranges – Campfire Treats With just a little adult supervision, this fun and easy camping recipe idea for kids is one they can can make themselves. So simple – just an orange, some brownie, (or cake), mix, […]

campfire orange brownies and cakes

keyhole cooking campfire layout

Best Cooking Campfire Layout

Sponsored ad Best cooking campfire layout The “Keyhole” campfire Cooking those delicious campfire recipes is a lot easier when you have the right campfire layout – one designed for cooking and campfire safety. A good cooking campfire is more than just a flaming pile of wood in a campfire ring. […]