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How Plan a Camping Trip

For experienced campers, planning a camping trip is just a matter of doing what they know how to do, but for new campers, it can be a daunting task. Where to start? What do I need to know, what camping equipment do I need, is there a packing list, and how do I plan a camping menu for the meals and food?

These are just some questions the camping tips and guides below will help you answer. Step-by-step camping trip and menu planning guides, forms, and checklists will help ensure a great trip.

Planning a Camping Trip Resources:

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•  1st Steps
Once you have picked your date and destination, and have an idea of the type of camping activities you want to do, start your camping trip planning by making sure you have answers to these basic questions:

Get the Answers You Need:

1. Are tents and open campfires allowed? Any restrictions?

  • Tent size or number of tents
  • Campfire rings provided or enclosures required
  • Can you use “fallen” firewood from the site

2. Are permits or reservations required?

  • Do you need a campsite reservation, or is it first-come availability
  • Are vehicle or campsite permits required
  • Do you need a hunting/fishing/boating license
  • Do any campsite activities or facilities require reservations

3. What on-site services are available; water, electricity, etc?


Planning Camp Meals and Food

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How to Plan Camping Meals and Menus

Planning the food and meals for a camping trip are the next big steps, but before you can plan your camp menu you need to answer some questions that will determine what type of camping meals and camp food you want to consider. These basic steps will get you started.

camping pots and pans cookware
Basic Camping Cookware You Need

With just these basic items you can prepare most of the camp foods used in the majority of camping meal menus.

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Camp Meals – How To Pack Smart

These camp cooking tips will show you how to save time, weight and bulk, and get out of the camp kitchen sooner.

camp food cooking over campfire flames
Campfire Cooking Tips and Recipes

Everyone enjoys kicking back with a delicious camp meal. Especially if it is a campfire cooking recipe.

camp food cooking over campfire flames
Top 3 Tips to organize and pack for a camping trip

Do you know the best way to organize and pack all that gear for a camping trip? Do you know what to pack first, and what gear should be packed last? Have you discovered the secrets of separate duffel bags and stuff sacks?
These camping tips are simple and basic, but you would be surprised how many campers don’t think of them.

Here are some handy resources and pieces of camp gear you mind be interested in:


More Helpful Camping Tips & Guides
Camping Equipment, Gear, Cookware, and Personal Stuff


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• How to Plan a Camping Trip Checklist
This camping trip checklist follows the steps taken to plan a camping trip and should be the first one you start with – and the last one in your hand as you get in the car! Camping and Campfire Cooking
• Gus’ Campfire Cookware for Camping
Gus’ Camping Cookware for a “Normal” Camp-out. Most of the information at Camping with Gus is geared toward new or almost-new campers. Several have asked me what I take on a normal camping trip. So here goes. **Note: This is my basic pack-out list. Other items would be added for special meals or camp locations that require extra gear. Camping and Camp stove Cooking
• Best Camping Stove Starter Set-Up
If you are new to camping, deciding what camping equipment you need for cooking, just to get started, can be a little overwhelming. This list of “starter” gear will equip you with the basics you need for your start to camp cooking. Camp Food Camping menu
• Camping Menus – Complete Ready-to-go Packages
From simple no muss – no fuss easy camp meals and campfire recipes to the creations of camp chefs, these complete camp meal menu packages will give you all you need for your camping trip. Complete lists for cookware and equipment; chuck box supplies; camp food groceries list for one to six campers; recipes and prep instructions

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Check out these samples of camping cookware and camping tools. Once you have one of these camp tools you will wonder how you ever did without it. Especially when you see how inexpensive they are when you buy them online.


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