cooking brannock bread
Bannock Bread – Easy Camping Recipes From Breakfast to Campfire Treats Bannock bread has been a camping staple for centuries. It can be cooked as flatbread on a cooking rock, a skillet loaf, a Dutch oven loaf, baked in a camping oven, and yes, even wrapped around a stick. It […]

Easy Bannock Bread Camping Treat Recipes

Monkey Bread Campfire Recipe for Kids
Monkey Bread video of a camp cook – Is this a Fail? This camp cook has the right idea, but… the kids will have a lot more fun if you follow our instructions – instead of the video’s instructions. Here is all you need to make this camp or campfire […]

How to Make Dutch Oven Monkey Bread

campfire orange brownies and cakes
Campfire Orange Brownies Video These brownies are a campfire treat that the kids will love. They won’t believe they were baked in oranges. The video shows the concept, but … it does not show that you should double-wrap the orange, and, make the second wrap end with a “curly cue” […]

How to Make Campfire Brownie Oranges

  Bears in campsite Keep animals out of your campsiteBears, Raccoons, Skunks Keeping animals out of your campsite is easy if you follow these camping tips. Bears get all the attention, with people recommending gear like indestructible bear-safe food containers, but for the majority of campers the most common camp invaders […]

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Camping Duffel Bags and Stuff Sacks
Camping list and stuff Sacks …Camping Gear Checklist and Duffel Bags Do you have a camping list? Did you use a checklist for that big pile of camping gear and equipment on the floor? Do you know the best way to organize and pack all that gear for a camping […]

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camp teepee rope
The “Cheater’s” Play Camp Teepee – A Fun Camping Activities for KidsKids love to play in tents when they go camping, and this camping Teepee is a semi-disposable camping activity they can help make – and then play in. It is an easier version of the Kid’s Camping Pole-teepee activity […]

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campfire story time tips
Campfire Story Time – Tips and Tricks “How to tell a scary campfire story” A good campfire story is one of those traditional camping activities that kids love, and the better the storyteller – the better the kid’s enjoyment. A good storyteller doesn’t do 5-minute monotone recitations – they do […]

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Cowboy drinking cowboy coffee
Cowboy Coffee … the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly Just mention cowboy coffee and most people get mental pictures of cowboys or campers hunched down around a campfire with an old-time fire-blackened coffee pot bubbling over, (or in), the dancing flames. Each waiting for a delicious cup of camp […]

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