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Mr Heater Little Buddy 3000 BTU catalytic tent heater
Catalytic Camping Tent Heaters When campers talk about tent heaters the first question is usually; “What is a catalytic heater?” And the next is; “Are they safe in tents?” The first answer is that a catalytic heater is a flameless heater that uses a chemical reaction, instead of a flame, […]

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Coleman Camping stove Combo Grill
Camp Stove Grill Griddle Combo Should I buy a combo camping stove? Are the new combo camp stoves with a burner and a grill, (or griddle), plate a good idea? Do they make good camping stoves? The answer to both questions depends mostly on the type of camp cooking you […]

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Coleman NorthStar Camping Lantern
Coleman NorthStar Propane Camping Lantern Coleman NorthStar Camping Lantern Review – [VIDEO] See Coleman’s brightest camping lantern – the 1543 Lumen camper’s choice. When only the best will do, and performance is important to you, Coleman’s Northstar propane or duel fuel camping lantern is a choice you should consider. Sponsored […]

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Coleman Propane Camping Lantern Coleman Camping Lantern Review – rated by real campers See Coleman’s new QuickPack Instastart camp lantern, as rated by actual camper’s choice – not some consumer products review or manufacturer website or promo. A glowing camp lantern, like a roaring campfire is a traditional part of […]

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Camping toilet privacy cabana
How to choose the best portable toilet or camp toilet. Do you wonder if you really need one? If you have women, girls, or kids in your camping group, the answer is yes. A portable camping toilet will make life a lot easier, even if you are camping in a […]

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Salomon Winter Hiking Boot
Top Selling Hiking Boots – rated by real campers Most hikers are familiar with famous brand hiking boots like; Red Wing, Columbia, Timberland, and Kenetrek, but have you heard of Salomon, the top-selling hiking boot on Amazon? And have you seen the actual customer reviews that rave about their comfort […]

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Grizzly 150 Camp Cooler
When only the best will do – go Grizzly! The “Top Gun” of ice chests for your camping needs. Are you worthy of a Grizzly cooler? Do you deserve the best of the best? Can you afford the best? A cooler is an essential piece of camping equipment that has […]

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Burning camp lantyern mantles
Camping Bob Explains Camp Lantern Mantles   Camp Lantern mantles Once again Camping Bob does his best to show how to change the mantles on a Coleman gas camping lantern – but could this be a demonstration FAIL instead? He does have the procedure straight … but there seems to be […]

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Earnest and Camp stove on fire
Camping Bob Explains Liquid Fuel Camp Stoves   Earnest and Camp stove on fire Camping Bob does his best to explain how a liquid fuel camping stove works – but could this be a demonstration FAIL instead? While he does have his facts and procedure straight … there seems to be […]

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camping gear for campsite
Basic camping equipment …Essential camping gear This camping list of basic gear and equipment will get you started. It includes the essentials needed to set up your own campsite with the necessities, plus some suggested “nice-to-haves.” From bare essentials to “luxury” gear that will really enhance your camping enjoyment. Tip: […]

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collapsible folding camp chair
  Bear in camp chair Essential Camping Gear – Your Camp Chair The best-designed and best-made camping chairs in the world are not really the best – if they are not suited to your needs and desires, no matter what the “camping experts” tell you – they are probably trying to […]

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How to choose the best sleeping bag liner for your needs. Experienced campers know the benefit of using sleeping bag liners isn’t usually extra warmth – it’s for comfort and cleanliness. If you need one for warmth – you might have picked the wrong sleeping bag for your camping needs. […]

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family camping tents
Family Camping Tents Review – rated by real campers See the best family camping tents, as rated by the actual camper’s choice – not some consumer products review or manufacturer website or promo.  Of course, those really expensive $500 North Face tents are great tents, and worth the price, but […]

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Self-Inflating Sleeping Pads – How they work and How to Pick One What are the best self-inflating sleeping pads, and how do they work? Do I really need a sleeping pad designed for camping? Does it really matter what they are made of? If those are your questions – the […]

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LED camping tent lights
LED Camping Tent Lights “What is the best tent light for you?” Finding the best tent light is easier when you make the choice personal. The best light for a large tent may not be the best one for a small 2-man tent. And the brightest tent light/lantern may not […]

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Stansport outfitter high-output propane camping stove
  Stansport Camp Stove Stansport “Outfitter” 2-BurnerHigh-output Propane Camp Stove Review Is the Outfitter high-output, (50,000) 2-burner propane camping stove the best stove for you? Can it beat a Coleman camp stove? Can a life-long Coleman stove user give an honest review of “another” brand? Is this camp stove worth the […]

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geocache containers
Geocache Containers What they are   •  How to make one What to put in one   •  Where to hide one Geocache containers generally come in two size categories; micro and very small – which are mostly used for Urban geocaches, and “everything else.” (as you will see below) The concept of the […]

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Camp Chef Camping Stove
Camp Chef “Everest” 2-Burner Propane Camp stove Review Can the Camp Chef Everest model 2-burner propane camping stove beat a Coleman camp stove? As a life-long Coleman stove user, I took this Camp Chef Everest on a real camping trip, not just a static or backyard demo, to see if […]

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Winter Camping Gear
Winter Gear and Equipment List From boots to snow shovels Many winter camping gear supplies lists have a few items that you usually don’t think about – until you wish you had them. From specific cold-weather clothing to snow shovels, this camping checklist will make sure you have all you […]

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Essential Camping Gear LED Camping Hat Lights Review LED hats or cap lights seem to have been stigmatized by the clunky negative image of campers wearing elastic-strap headlamps, (no one admits to the hands-free convenience they provide), but they really are a completely different animal. And once you use a […]

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camp teepee rope
The “Cheater’s” Play Camp Teepee – A Fun Camping Activities for KidsKids love to play in tents when they go camping, and this camping Teepee is a semi-disposable camping activity they can help make – and then play in. It is an easier version of the Kid’s Camping Pole-teepee activity […]

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Coleman 2-Burner Camping stove
  Coleman Camping stove Propane Camp Stove – Coleman Top Picks Coleman 2-burner propane camp stoves are by far the most popular and top-selling choices when it comes to camping stoves for base-camps and car camping. Most of the other brand top models have similar features, so the primary criteria for […]

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Toddler kid in camping tent
  Packing for Camping with Toddlers and Babies Outdoor camping trips with toddlers and babies require a lot more thought than “normal” camping trips. Adults and older kids can “make-do” when something is left behind, or things don’t go according to plan – but toddlers and babies? That’s a different […]

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kids sleeping bags mummy ereka
Mummy Sleeping Bag Review The Best Sleeping Bags for Your Needs Finding the best sleeping bag, for you, depends more on how and when you camp than just the features of the bag. The choice is more than just traditional vs. mummy sleeping bags. So before you pull out your […]

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  Kids sleeping bags Review The Best Children’s and Kids’ Sleeping Bags for Your Kids Finding the best children’s and kid’s sleeping bags depends more on how and when they camp than just the features of the bag. So before you pull out your wallet – take a minute to consider […]

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Cabin Camping Tent
        Family camping tent features What Makes a Good Camping Tent Good Camping tent features you should look for. Picking a good camping tent depends mostly on your camping needs, and isn’t always an easy choice; that $100 Walmart tent looks as good as that $500 North Face tent, so which […]

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propane camp stove with pots
Complete camping stove starter set and camp stove cookware for the new camper. Everything you need for camp cooking in one package

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