Camping with Kids Camping with Kids

Camping with kids – The 3 P’s
Planning, Preparation, and Patience.

Camping with kids requires a lot more thought and attention to detail than an adult camping trip. From camp food and recipes to camp games and activities – every aspect of camping has to consider with the kids in mind.

If an adult camper doesn’t have something he needs, or the weather turns rainy, – he will improvise. If it happens to a kid it is a disaster!

This is where pre-planning and camping checklists can save the day. These tips, tools, and resources will help make your sure camping trip goes smoothly.

Camp with Kids
Planning, Safety, and Set-up Guides

The basics for camping with kids, be prepared with campsite rules and set-up to keep the kids safe and be ready for emergencies.

camping tent in wooded kid-safe campsite
Kid-Safe Campsite Layout

Set up your campsite with the kids in mind. Consider where they will be running or hanging-out, and what areas you don’t want a lot of kid traffic. This illustrated campsite layout shows how to be flexible and kid-safe.


little kid in camping tent
Kid’s Camping Safety Rules

When kids go camping, safety means camp rules. Make sure the kids on your camping trip know and understand these 5 basic camping and campsite safety rules.


Camping first aid kit for kids
First Aid Items for Kids

10 must-have first aid items for kids’ first aid needs. Camping with kids probably means lots of scratches, scrapes, and bruises. make sure you are ready with the first aid items you really need.


Camping hazard warning signs
Camping Hazards

Nature’s natural hazards, like poison ivy & oak, wildlife, and dangerous terrain can be even more dangerous for kids.


Camping Recipes, Camp Games and Activities Ideas for Kids

Kid making camp food
Camping Food and Recipes

Easy and fun to make camp foods, meals and treats for kids
camping kid hiking games
Camp Activities and Games

Camping activities and camp games that are fun and educational
kid with camping gear
Camping Gear for Kids

Camping gear and equipment for kids and camping with kids
camping kid hiking games
Campfire Stories Tips and Tricks

Scary to funny campfire stories and story-telling tips Kid's Bad Weather Survival Kit

•  Bad Weather Survival Kit for Camping with Kids

This “Bad Weather” Survival kit will help maintain everyone’s sanity when bad weather forces kids, (and you), inside a tent or cabin for long periods of time.


Winter Camping clothes
Winter and cold weather camping gear and clothes.
From hats to boots, base layer to outer layer, plus recommended top picks. See what to wear, and why cotton is your cold-weather enemy.
How to Dress for Winter Camping

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Here are some handy resources and pieces of camp gear you might be interested in:

Boy Scout Handbooks

A Boy Scout Handbook can be one of the most helpful pieces of general camping gear you can have when you are camping with kids!
This handbook contains easy-to-understand answers and how-tos for almost any camping question or situation. Plus, it contains plant and foliage identifications, campsite activity suggestions, woodcraft project suggestions, (with instructions), knot-tying tips and instructions, ( a great fill-in for bad weather situations), survival tips, and detailed primary first aid instructions.
Boy Scout Handbook

Here are some other examples of camping gear, accessories, and tools that will make your outdoor camping trip as fun and enjoyable as you want it to be. And you will be surprised at the value when you see how inexpensive they are when you buy them online.


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