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Funny and Famous Camping Jokes and Humor

Camp jokes for kids and adults. From PG-rated humor to salty satire, and cute one-liners to quick stories, read some of the best camping laughs you’ve ever heard.

And even some camping videos you might feel a little guilty laughing at. (Definitely not PC)

Of course the saltier adult jokes are behind their own closed door.

Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson camping
Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson camping

The Famous Sherlock Holmes and Watson Camping Tent Joke:
*This camping joke is an oldie that can be found all over the ‘net. Here is the short version;

Sherlock Holmes and Watson went camping …
Holmes nudged Watson awake in the middle of the night and asked, “Look up Watson, and tell me what you see”
Watson replied, “I see a glorious sky of sparkling stars, with a ring around the moon, and scattering clouds.”
“And what does that tell you Watson?”
“That we may be in for a spot of rain. Why do you ask, what does it tell you, Holmes?”
Watson replied.
“It’s elementary my dear Watson – somebody pinched our tent!”

The Politically Incorrect Bear Hunting Joke:
*In days-gone-by, this was referred to as a Polish joke. But let’s pick on city-slickers instead;

Two city-slicker buddies were watching a late-night showing of the old movie, “Grizzly Adams”
Afterwards, both agreed that going bear hunting would be a grand adventure, and decided to plan their vacations together to do it.

As the weeks passed, each prepared for the trip; buying tons of expensive camping gear, expensive hunting rifles, practicing at a shooting range, and plunking down $2000 each to rent a hunting cabin in the mountains.

Finally, departure day was here. They rented an expensive 4-wheel drive truck and hit the road.

Their last stop before leaving town was the grocery store, where they each spent $500 buying food for their week-long camping trip.

12 long driving hours later, they turned off the highway onto the dirt road leading to their hunting cabin in the mountains. Just a mile from their cabin they came to a fork in the road, with a sign that said; “Hunters Bear Left”

Silently staring at the sign for five full minutes, they finally looked at each, shrugged, turned around – and went back home.

Real Life “The Jokes on You” Bear Pictures:
Bear chasing man

The Famous Bear Hunting Joke:
*Another oldie that has been around so long it was even recreated in a Hollywood movie scene;

Two hunters were on a bear hunting trip …
Early the first morning, one hunter decided to go hunting for bear while the other stayed in camp and got things organized.

Soon, the first hunter spotted a grizzly, and took his shot, but he only wounded the bear.

Enraged, the bear charged after the hunter, who threw down his rifle and started running for the safety of the cabin. He was running as fast as he could, but the bear was gaining on him.

Just as he was reaching the cabin, he stumbled and fell.

The bear was so close now that he couldn’t stop – he tripped over the fallen hunter and tumbled through the cabin door.

Jumping to his feet, the first hunter quickly closed the cabin door and yelled;

“You skin this one and I’ll go find another!”

A Camping Buddy is a Friend for Life … or there-a-bouts
*This oldie has several versions, but always the same punchline.

Two best friends were hiking the Appalachian Trail.

When they sat down for a lunch break, one of them sat on a rattlesnake’s nest, and was promptly bitten on the butt.

Terrified, and with no snakebite kit in their first aid pack, the second camper instructed his bitten buddy to lie perfectly still to slow the venom’s progress, while he ran to the Ranger’s station they passed about five miles back to get help.

When he arrived, the Ranger was helping deliver a baby and couldn’t leave. So he told the hiker how to save his friend’s life;

“Just take your camp knife and make an incision where he was bitten. Then you will have to put your mouth over the incision and suck out the blood and venom before it gets into his bloodstream.”

Thinking about the Ranger’s instructions as he raced back to his buddy, he arrived out of breath two hours later with a sad look on his face.

Barely conscious, the bitten hiker asked what the Ranger said.

His friend replied, “Sorry buddy, but he says you’re gonna die.”


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