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Camp Meal Planning

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Campfire cooking is usually one of the main attractions of a camping trip that everyone enjoys, except perhaps, the person responsible for finding the camping recipes, making the menus, shopping for the camp food, and then figuring out what cookware and equipment to bring.

But it doesn’t have to be that hard. Just a little planning, along with some of these tips, guides and recipes for easy camp meals, can make the task of being the camp cook or quartermaster a lot easier.

Camping Menus – Packages, Foods, and Meals

Complete Ready-to-go Packages

All you need to do is add the number of campers!

CampingwithGus.com Camp Food Camping menu

Complete Ready-to-go Packages
From simple no-muss–no-fuss easy camp meals and campfire recipes to the creations of camp chefs, these complete camp meal menu packages will give you all you need for your next camping trip. They include lists for cookware and equipment; chuck box supplies; camp food groceries list for one to six campers; recipes and prep instructions

Campfire cooking basics: how-to’s, equipment you need, best cookware to use, and delicious easy camping meals and recipes. Plus! Free printable recipes and guides.

From the first steps of how to build a good “cooking” campfire and the basic cookware needed, to easy campfire recipes for your camping meals – these resources will get you started off on the right foot.

Gloves for Campfire Cooking
Essential Campfire Cooking Gear

Heavy-Duty Campfire Gloves
If you will be doing any campfire cooking, a good pair of campfire gloves is essential for safety and convenience. Amzon has a good selection of campfire-safe gloves.


Easy Camping Meal Ideas – Dinners and Desserts

easy camping Meals Ideas - Hobo Foil Dinners

• Hobo Tin-foil Dinners – Easy Camping Meal Ideas

What could be easier and more traditional then one of these classic hobo tin-foil dinners on your menu. These easy meal recipes use “good ol'” campfire cooking – plus they are a lot less work for the camp cook.

More Camping Dinners – Easy Camping Meal Ideas

easy camping Meals Ideas - Dry Rub Grilled Chicken

• More Camping Dinners – Easy Camping Meal Ideas

From campfire grilling to hearty 1-skillet meals. These recipes are both easy and delicious.


These breakfast recipes are a great way to start the day. From hot cereals to hand-held foods like muffins and wraps, to 1-pan skillet meals. Complete with instructions and free downloadable food shopping lists

More camping resources:

Camping and Campfire Cookware
CampingwithGus.com Camping Cast Iron Cookware
Campfire Cookware – What you need

Your collection of camping cookware has to start with the basics, and with just these basic items you can prepare most of the foods used in the majority of camp menus.


Several campers have asked me what I take on a normal camping trip. So here goes. **Note: This is my basic pack-out list. Other items would be added for special meals or camp locations that require extra gear.


If you are new to camping, deciding what camping equipment you need just to get started, can be a little overwhelming. This list of “starter” gear will equip you with the basics you need for camp cooking.

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Here are some handy resources and pieces of camp gear you mind be interested in:

A campfire cooking grill is one of the handiest, (and least expensive), pieces of camping gear you can have. And it doesn’t have to be a 30-pound cast iron monster either.

A folding grill grate like the pictured Coleman model works great, isn’t too heavy, and takes up very little space. Even when your camp site fire-ring has a grill you will still find yourself using this one too!
See available Campfire Cooking Grills

Check out these examples of camping cookware and camping tools available on Amazon. See how inexpensive they are when you buy them online.

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