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How to choose the best portable toilet or camp toilet.

Portable folding camping toilet

Do you wonder if you really need one?

If you have women, girls, or kids in your camping group, the answer is yes. A portable camping toilet will make life a lot easier, even if you are camping in a campground that has established bathroom facilities.

Ranging from a simple seat ring to an enclosed chemically sanitized unit, modern camp toilets are so inexpensive, and sanitary, now, that the decision to include one in your camping gear really boils down to campsite location and packing space.

The camp toilets listed below are Amazon’s outdoor gear top-sellers, (most purchased by other campers), for each type of toilet.
*Note: The Amazon links below are my own Amazon affiliate links – which I only use to recommend good-quality camping gear and equipment.

How to decide which portable toilet is for you:

  • “bag” units allow for easier, more sanitary, and more frequent disposal of waste in trash receptacles, (or primary campsite garbage bag)
    • bags can be tied closed so waste is contained
    • “legged” bag units pack more compactly than container bag units
  • “self-contained” units have the advantage of being luggable and sealed between uses, but have the drawback of being more bulky and needing a water supply and clean-up area for dumping
  • “self-contained” chemical units are more expensive to buy and use. Disposal of waste and chemicals should be a primary consideration – unless you want to haul a used unit home for cleaning and disposal

Then consider:

  • Toilet height – some sit quite low to the ground. If you are tall, or have knee problems, a short portable toilet might not be a good choice.
  • Sturdiness – many of the collapsible toilets may not be sturdy enough for large-size campers.
  • Location – some portable toilets need flat ground to be stable. Be sure to consider where you might need to set-up.
  • Duration of trip – “bagged” toilets are easier to empty and don’t require water or chemical replenishment for multi-day use.

Choosing the best toilet style for you:
Collapsible camp toilets

  • Great when packing space, portability, and primitive terrain use are priorities
  • Good choice for carry-in/carry-out primitive sites, or campsites with available trash receptacles.
  • Good choice for pit or cat-hole latrine use.

Bucket-style self-contained portable toilets
*these units also use bags to contain the waste

  • Best for flat surface use when packing space is not critical
  • Reduces possible leakage from “exposed bag punctures.”
  • Seat cover! Being able to “put the seat down” can be an important consideration for many campers.
  • Much easier and safer to move around after use.

Self-contained chemical and flush toilets

  • When the “home-type” toilet experience is most important factor
  • Packing space is not an issue, and toilet will remain in one place during use.
  • Transporting unit to cleaning/disposal area is not an issue.

Best Selling “Bagged” Camping Toilets

*click on any image to see available styles and customer reviews

Best Selling “Self-contained” Camping Toilets

*click on any image to see available styles and customer reviews
Note: These self-contained potties are also intended to be used with Bio-bags.

#1 Best Camping Toilet Choice:

Luggable Loo camping toilet
Luggable Loo camping toilet

The “Luggable Loo” Camping toilet
This self-contained “bucket” toilet is priced between $18.99 – $31.99, and is the least complicated and most popular seller. At approx. 4 – 6 lbs., weight is not a major factor, but its bulk is a packing space consideration.


  • Unit is sturdy and self-contained
  • Bagged waste is protected from accidental bag tears
  • Can be moved around camp without the “eewww” factor of an exposed previously used bag
  • Unit does have a closeable lid to cover seat and contents


  • Requires extra packing space due to bulk
  • The toilet seat is smaller than a standard seat, which may take getting used to, and may be uncomfortable for larger-sized campers
  • The ABS construction of the seat and lid feels a little “light-weight”.
  • See available Luggable Loo-type camp toilets


This type of camp toilet is the least expensive, ($18.99 – $45.99), and lightest weight, (approx. 4 lbs.), of all portable toilet models.

  • Inexpensive and light-weight
  • Bagged waste is easier and more sanitary to handle


  • The aluminum legs and construction of the most inexpensive models aren’t as sturdy and durable as they should be, and may not last multiple camping seasons.
  • The lack of a seat cover/lid is a big negative to this reviewer.
  • See available Bagged Camp Toilets



Note: You can use regular 13-gal “tall” kitchen trash bags for almost all of the “bag” toilets shown, but most of the replacement bags made specifically for camping toilets, (like the Double Doodle bags shown on right), contain a Bio-gel powder that is designed to help solidify and deodorized the waste contents in the bags. A much more sanitary solution.

See the details of camping toilet bio-bags

Best Selling Camping Toilet Privacy Enclosure

*click on any image to see available styles and customer reviews

The Privacy Cabana: The Next Best Camping Toilet Choice
Those hearty rough and ready campers might not mind using a makeshift latrine, or an open camping toilet, but for most campers a privacy cabana for the camp toilet would be a very welcome addition to your camping gear.

camping toilet privacy cabana
Pirvacy Cabana

$19 Bucks for a Privacy Cabana!
These privacy cabanas for your camp toilets come in a variety of styles. From instant pop-ups to external-frame tent-style cabanas. Most models include ventilation screens and zippered flaps.


  • Inexpensive – pop-up cabanas as low as $18.99
  • Light-weight and compact for easy packing
  • Can be staked down for stability

Portable camp shower

Portable Camp Shower – not really a luxury
A camp shower may not be something you think you need. And for cold weather camping you are probably right, but for warm and hot weather camping you will be surprised how nice one is to have.
So easy to use, and so inexpensive too. The perfect companion to your camp privacy cabana.
See examples of available camp showers and prices


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