How to Make a Play Camping Teepee with Ropes Camping Teepee camping activities for kids

The “Cheater’s” Play Camp Teepee
– A Fun Camping Activities for Kids

Kids love to play in tents when they go camping, and this camping Teepee is a semi-disposable camping activity they can help make – and then play in.

It is an easier version of the Kid’s Camping Pole-teepee activity discussed earlier, but is designed to be made with baling twine, (or paracord), instead of poles.

The “Pole-less Camp Teepee Concept:
Note: You will need an overhead tree branch, rope-line, or something, to hang the Teepee support line from.

This play Teepee is so simple and easy to make, plus, it is a great camping activity that the kids can finish with their own decorations. Basically, all you need is an old bed sheet, and some baling twine or paracord. And, except for the “decorating part – you can have this play camping Teepee up and ready in about 15 minutes!

The Materials:

  • Baling Twine or Paracord – Approx. 75 feet of twine/cord/rope.

    Note: Baling Twine is best because it can just be cut down and tossed away when done, but Paracord is a good choice too, because it is inexpensive enough to discard if you want, and compact enough to be easy to store if you want to save it for another trip. And of course, other kinds of rope will work too – if you don’t mind cutting it up.

    Gus recommends baling twine primarily because it doesn’t have to be saved, but also because it will allow the kids to be involved in the TeePee construction each time you make one on a camping trip.

  • An old white bed sheet – A full-size bed sheet works best, but any size, except the smallest day bed sheets), will work. Even twin or king-size sheets. Just make sure it’s an old sheet you don’t want back because it is going to get decorated, and probably have holes cut and poked into it.
  • Office-type binder clips – 8 – 12 one-inch “squeeze-type paper binder clips. (you can usually find these inexpensively anywhere you find office or stationery supplies.

    (this is the kind of clip mentioned, but you can use any other kind of clip – even clothes pins – that you think has the strength to keep their grip)

  • Tent Stakes – You could use short stout sticks to stake out your lines, (the Teepee ribs), but real tent stakes work a lot better.
  • Poster paints or colored markers – Let the kids use these to decorate their teepee. It’s a big part of this camping activity. Imagine the fun they will have painting or drawing buffaloes or Indian symbols, or even their own “secret code” symbols on the blank cloth covering of their teepee.
    • Parent’s Tip: If your kids are young, have them put their painted hand prints on the teepee cloth, with their name or initials. It will be a memory you can look at for years to come as they grow up.
  • Bonus, a floor covering – It is not a necessity, but an old area rug, or even better, and old Indian-style blanket, would make a great floor for their teepee.

How to build the Pole-less Camp Teepee:
Start with making the “framing,” which will be six lines of baling twine. (or paracord)

  1. Cut three pieces of baling twine, 14′ long
  2. Fold in half so that you are holding a loop of six 7′ lengths.
  3. Make a knot with the looped end that you are holding. This will be the loop you tie your hanging line to. (see illustrations below)
  4. Tie a small loop at the end of each of the six pieces of line. These are for the tent stakes.
TeePee rope top knot


Teepee rope tent stake knot


Teepee rope rib line knots

TeePee rope rib line knots

Once you pick a spot to erect the teepee, (under a tree branch, or something. Remember?), drive in the six tent stakes in a circle approx. three feet across. Place the stakes as indicated in the illustration below. (Teepee diameter will be about 3 feet)

  • Two stakes for the front door flap – approx. approx. 2 feet apart.
  • Divide the remaining four stake placements on the remainder of the circle as shown.

Time to “build” the Teepee

  1. Drive the tent stakes, (through each rib-line loop), firmly into the ground – approximately as shown – tie a long piece of twine/cord through the top-knot loop. Toss it over whatever you picked as overhead support, and pull the Teepee rib lines tight.
  2. Starting with one end of the sheet, and one of the “doorway” rib lines – use 4 to 6 of the office binders to clip the end of the sheet to the line

    • Note that since the “doorway” will be triangular instead of rectangular, and starting at the bottom – as you proceed upwards with the clips you will have to tuck some of the sheets under before you clip it.

      At the top you should be tucking almost 2 feet of the sheet before you clip it.

  3. Drape the sheet around the Tepee and clip the other end to the opposite doorway rib-line just like you did on the other side.
  4. Using a short piece of twine – bunch up the loose sheet at the top of the Teepee and tie it closed, and you are done.

Now turn the kids loose to decorate it any way they want.

Recommended teepee materials

camping tent stakes or pegs
If you need some extra tent stakes – “just in case,” here are some inexpensive available choices: Camping Tent Stakes and Pegs

Tip:This can be one-time camping activity for kids, or you can dismantle it and save it to use on your next camping trip. Poles and all, or just the sheet – your choice.

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An old sheet and some poles – A project kids will love.

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