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Country Sausage Gravy Camping Breakfast

Cheater’s Country Sausage Gravy Breakfast

Cook time: approx. 25 minutes

Serves: 4 to 6 campers (can be expanded to serve more)

This camping breakfast meal is so easy to make because a package mix is used for the gravy, wait… before you frown, this isn’t just any package gravy mix. This company’s sausage gravy mix is so good that if you don’t see it made – you could not tell it from Grandma’s. And, you make it with water or milk!

This breakfast recipe specifically uses Pioneer Brand Country Sausage Gravy mix. It is sometimes hard to find, but it is worth the search. And don’t settle for another brand if you can’t find it.

Let me say that again. This is an amazingly good gravy mix. You will have to add your own sausage of course, and I make mine with milk instead of water, but if you hide the gravy packet your campers will think grandma made it.

Pioneer Country Sausage Gravy Package

Pioneer Country Sausage Gravy Package
It sells for approx. $1.49 per pack in grocery stores, and you will need one pack per two campers, two packs for three-four campers, and three packs for five-six campers.

If you can’t find it in your area, it is available on Amazon at around $2.50 per pack. ($14.99 for six-packs) *The compliments will be worth the extra buck per pack.

The complete Sausage Gravy camp breakfast
This breakfast usually includes scrambled eggs and hashbrowns, and the gravy is served over buttermilk biscuits.

A different twist, but just as delicious, is to serve it over toasted English muffins, but you will still need a biscuit for the “sopping.”

As a time saver, the biscuits could be baked at home and just re-warmed at camp, but the English muffins should be freshly toasted at camp.

Ingredients: (to serve four to six campers)
  • 1 lb. Sage Sausage (2 lbs. is better for 5 or 6 campers)
  • 3 pkgs. Pioneer Country Sausage Gravy mix
  • 6 cups water
  • 1 doz. Eggs
  • 1 pkg. (26oz.) Shredded Hashbrowns (Frozen or fresh)
  • 1 doz. Buttermilk biscuits
    • or 6 English muffins and 4 – 6 biscuits
  • 3 tbsp. Cooking oil
  • A supply of butter for the biscuits, and Salt & Pepper for the scrambled eggs and for individual use.

Note: Since this is a cheater’s recipe, bake the biscuits at home or buy them from a bakery – to be reheated at camp for use.

Camping Cookware needed:

  • 1 large skillet, 2 if you can multitask
  • 1 med. (2qt.4-qt.) pot
  • 1 sturdy cooking spatula
  • 1 large serving spoon or ladle
  • 1 cooking whisk – *optional

Steps to prepare this hearty camping breakfast recipe:

  1. Crumble the sausage into the skillet and cook, (over high heat), until browned.
    • Use the spatula to chop the sausage while it cooks to avoid ending up with large chunks or semi-patties. You want to end up with the texture of cooked hamburger
    • Start the gravy mix water while the sausage is cooking – follow package directions
  2. Remove the sausage and set aside. Add cooking oil, then cook the hashbrowns, (over high heat), until browned.
    • Don’t over-stir these. Use the spatula to turn them a couple of times at approx. 5-minute intervals
    • Scramble the eggs in a bowl while the hashbrowns are cooking
  3. When hashbrowns are done, remove and set aside. Then cook the eggs – remove and set aside.
    • If using 2 skillets – start cooking the scrambled eggs while the hashbrowns are finishing
  4. Heat the biscuits and/or toast the English muffins
  5. When the sausage gravy mix is done – return the cooked sausage to the skillet and add in the gravy, stir to mix. (sausage gravy should be served from a skillet, it adds an extra touch)

A good pair of campfire gloves is almost a must-have for campfire cooking.
Here is a guide to some good choices for campfire cooking gloves.

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