How to Make the Hearty Camping Breakfast Burrito

hearty camping breakfast burrito

Easy Camping Breakfast Recipes

This hearty breakfast burrito is as impressive as it is delicious and easy to make. It has all the favorite breakfast foods; sausage, and/or bacon, eggs, hashbrowns, and cheese. And it is cooked with just a skillet and lid.

Just add some coffee and juice, and watch the smiles as your campers dig in.

Cook time: approx. 25 minutes
Serves: 4 to 6 campers (can be expanded to serve more)

Hearty Camping Breakfast Burrito

This camping meal is best when cooked in a cast iron skillet, over a campfire. It can be cooked on a camp stove too, but cast iron and campfire cooking just seem to be a natural pair.

Camping cookware needed:

  • Large cast iron skillet with lid (any skillet will work, but a cast iron one works best)
  • A sturdy spatula and large serving spoon
  • Medium to large bowl or pan, and fork, to scramble the eggs
  • Heavy-duty foil

*Need a cast iron skillet? Check out these basic camping cast iron cookware discount prices.

The concept:
This meal starts with frying the breakfast meat(s), then the hashbrowns, and then the onions and green peppers, and finally the scrambled eggs, (in with the veggies). When the eggs are cooked, shredded cheese is stirred in. Total cook time is about 25 minutes.

Basic ingredients: (to serve 4 to six campers)

  • Sage sausage and/or bacon – one 16oz. package
  • Hashbrowns, diced – one 26oz. package frozen diced hashbrowns
  • Eggs – one dozen
  • Cheddar cheese, shredded – two cups
  • Onion and Green Pepper, diced – 1 each, med. to large size
  • Tortilla wraps – large, (8″-10″), 2 per camper
  • Salt & Pepper – season to taste – approx. 1.5 tspn. salt and 1 tspn. pepper
  • *Two tbspn. cooking oil if bacon is not used


  1. This meal is delicious with just sausage or bacon, but using both takes it to the next level of greatness.
  2. This breakfast can be cooked on a camp stove, but is best when cooked on a campfire
  3. Keep the sausage crumbly when cooking

A good pair of campfire gloves is almost a must-have for campfire and tin-foil cooking.
Here is a guide to some good choices for campfire cooking gloves.

Steps to prepare this hearty camping recipe:
  1. Cook the sausage until browned. Remove and set aside.
    • Use the spatula to chop the sausage while it cooks to avoid ending up with large chunks or semi-patties. You want to end up with the texture of cooked hamburger
  2. Cook the bacon until crispy, remove and set aside – do not drain skillet.
    *Crumble bacon when cool
  3. Add hashbrowns to bacon grease and cook, (over high heat), until browned.
    • Don’t over-stir these. Use the spatula to turn them a couple times at approx. 5-minute intervals.
    • Scramble the eggs in a bowl while the hashbrowns are cooking
  4. When hashbrowns are browned, add the diced veggies, and crumbled bacon and sausage, then pour the scrambled eggs in.
  5. Cook until eggs are almost set, (stirring as needed to keep from sticking), then add the shredded cheese and stir to mix – cook until scrambled eggs are done

Serving Options: Camp cook can serve-up completed breakfast burritos, or set the breakfast skillet out and let campers make their own.

  • If time is not an issue, then letting the campers make their own is the best option – kid’s especially enjoy it this way, they like to participate and do things themselves

How to heat the tortilla wraps:
camping breakfast burrito
The wraps can be heated one at a time on an inverted cast iron lid sitting on a campfire grate or coals. (or over a camp stove burner), but this is very time consuming.
A better way is to heat them all at once in a foil wrap:

  • Lay a damp, (not sopping wet), paper towel on a piece of heavy-duty foil
  • Separate the tortillas from the store pack and lay in a slightly staggered stack on the damp paper towel, then top with a second damp paper towel and wrap in foil – ending up with a foil packet of tortillas
  • This packet can be heated on an inverted skillet or Dutch oven lid, or directly on a campfire cooking grate.
    *Use low heat! Not direct flame – it will scorch them.

    • This should be started when you start cooking the meats – to allow plenty of time for the tortillas to heat-through, and so that when all the food cooking is done, the wraps are hot and ready
    • If you are heating more than 8 tortillas – use multiple packs

Free 1-page PDF ingredient list and instructions: Camping Breakfast Burrito Recipe

A “That’s cheating” tip:Camping breakfast burrito
You can make this a “cheater’s” version by doing all the cooking at home. Except don’t add the shredded cheese to the mixture. Then put the scrambled eggs/hashbrowns/meats/veggies mixture in a gallon-size Ziploc freezer bag. When you get to camp all you have to do is pour the mixture into a skillet, add cheese, and heat until hot.

Crunchy variation: You can add crunch to these breakfast burritos by putting finished wraps in a hot skillet and browning both sides.

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Notes and discussions:
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More Easy Camping Breakfast Ideas

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