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A Camping Checklist for the Kids

Guest post by Camping Mom
camping checklist for kids

When you are camping with kids, especially young ones like toddlers and babies, you can make sure you have everything you need by using this camping checklist designed just for the kids.

Experienced camping parents know that forgetting just one small thing can make the difference between a great camping trip and a miserable one.

This checklist includes many items that are not just specific to kids but are especially important to kids. So even though they seem like they should be on other camping checklists – if you are camping with kids, make sure you have these items packed.

Personal Must-haves

  • Favorite security thing, like; Binkie, (pacifier), teddy bear, blankie, toy, etc.
  • Car/Travel entertainment – games, books, toys, etc.
  • In-camp entertainment – Frisbee, ball, games, etc.
  • Hat and sunglasses
  • Personal medications
  • Personal pillow

Disposable Items:

  • Roll of toilet paper
    • Don’t count on campsite supplies – if they run out you could be in a jam
  • Extra baby-wipes
    • You will be using these for more than just diaper changes, bring an extra pack
  • Extra diapers
    • Bring at least twice as many as you think you need. Like the toilet paper – if you need them, you really need them
  • Baby Powder, lotions, and diaper creams
    • Even if your young camper is potty trained you will be surprised how often you need at least one of these on a camping trip
  • Suntan lotion and insect repellant
    • Make sure it is an age-appropriate product – adult products may not be best, or safe, for young kids

Campsite Items:

  • Safety pins – an assortment of sizes
  • Kid’s flashlight
  • Kid’s safety whistle
  • Kid’s camp chair
    • This is not a luxury or nice-to-have item. You will be surprised how helpful and useful it is for each young kid to have their own chair
  • Pack-n-Play portable play yard or crib
  • Kid’s outside-play toys – like Tonka trucks or beach shovels
  • Containers for nature collections (bugs, seeds, nuts, etc.) – little campers love to collect “things”
    • sandwich baggies, clean empty yogurt cups, egg cartons, and lidded plastic containers work great for this
  • Sippy cups – even for toddlers that don’t need them
    • Spilled juice and sugary drinks are ant and bug magnets. Open-top cups left sitting around are too easy to spill, and will draw bugs even without a spill
  • Potty seat – if still used
  • Booster seat/Clamp-on seat

Minor injuries like; cuts, scratches, scrapes, bee stings, blisters, and bug bites, should be expected, be sure to have these 10 Must-have Items for You First Aid Kit.

Camping first aid kit for kids
First Aid Items for Kids

10 must-have first aid items for kids’ first aid needs. Camping with kids probably means lots of scratches, scrapes, and bruises. make sure you are ready with the first aid items you really need.



Tip: The magic of glowsticks

Glow sticks are a camping parent’s secret weapon for camping with kids, especially toddlers. Kids love to play with them. They are a safe and fun activity that will keep them occupied. They help alleviate their fear of darkness. And they are inexpensive and make great tent night lights.

Camping Kids Glow Sticks

If you don’t have a Dollar Store, (the cheapest place to find them), nearby, here are some examples of camping glow sticks on Amazon.

*the printable lists have item-by-item details, but the essence of packing for camping kids is to pack more than you think you will need, ie. if you think you need two changes of clothes per day – pack three! And at least two pairs of shoes – be prepared for rain and mud puddles.

**depending on weather and temperatures, plan on dressing the kids in layers. It makes morning to afternoon to evening temperature fluctuations easier to deal with.

  • Under clothes – two sets per day
  • Tops, shirts, shorts, and pants – two sets per day
  • Socks – two pairs per day (plus a couple of extra – just in case)
  • Bathing suits – at least two
  • Water shoes
  • Sweatshirts/hoodies/sweaters
  • Light jacket
  • Heavier coat
  • Rain coat/rain poncho
  • Hat(s)
  • Gloves – two pair
  • Shoes – at least two pair
  • Rain/snow boots


This is what this kid’s checklist looks like when printed.
camping checklist for kids
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Here are a few items and resources that may prove helpful:

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Camping Toddler
Tip: What to pack for toddlers

Tips and hints for what and how to pack for camping with kids, toddlers, and babies.


This could be the best piece of camping gear you ever packed! Sometimes you just need to keep the kids safely confined for a bit. Or they need a familiar, safe place for a rest or nap.


This may seem like a “nice-to-have” extra, but when that toddler refuses to walk anymore, and you have to carry them in your arms – all the way back to camp, you will soon realize this is a “must-have” piece of camping gear.

For emergencies, and your peace of mind, – every kid in camp, should have a camp whistle on a lanyard around their neck! It’s a handy way for them to summon help when they need it.


Save the arguments, – every kid needs their own camp flashlight, instead of arguing who gets yours or who has had it the longest and whose turn it is now.
(ps. this is a great camp light for kids, but you can just pick some up at the Dollar store if you want)


If you are camping with young kids, and there are no on-site bathrooms, (or they are a mile away), a camp potty is almost a necessity. First because when little kids have to go, – they have to go now! Also, treks outside the “safety zone” of a lighted campsite after dark are not something most young kids want to do. This camping toilet is one of the most easy-to-use, and stable ones I have seen.


Check out these great examples of camping gear items you can find on Amazon. Once you have these pieces of camp gear included in your list of camping equipment, you will wonder how you ever did without them. Especially when you see how inexpensive they are when you buy them online at Amazon.

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