How to Make Cheesy Grits Breakfast Bowl

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Easy Camping Breakfast Recipes

This Cheesy Grits Breakfast Bowl is one of those easy camp meals that are not only a delicious breakfast treat, but can be made in minutes, (with a little home prep), and has a variety of flavors that everyone will love..

Just add a glass of juice and you have a healthy nutritious meal to start your camping day.

Cheesy Southern Grits Breakfast Bowl

Using packets of instant grits, and a little at-home preparation, this camp breakfast recipe can be a quick and easy meal with very little cooking involved. Or you can do it from scratch and make a big deal out of the presentation.

Recipe Ingredients:

(per camper)

  • two packets instant grits, or one portion prepared grits
  • two eggs – scrambled
  • two-three strips bacon – crumbled
  • 1/3 cup shredded cheese (optional)
  • butter, salt & pepper

This is a very simple recipe that only uses a campfire or camping stove, skillet, spatula, and/or pot for boiling water.


  1. Unless you are from the South, Grits may get a puzzled look or a frown, but once your campers try this delicious dish all you will get is smiles.
  2. Instant grits really do work well for this recipe, and you can find them in flavors. The cheesy grits flavor works especially well for this dish.
  3. Be sure to add salt & pepper, and butter. Grits aren’t that flavorful without the seasonings and added ingredients

Steps to make this Cheesy Southern Grits Breakfast Bowl:

  1. If you are using instant grits, you just need boiling water to add, if not, then prepare the grits according to package instructions.
  2. Fry the bacon, and set aside. Drain the bacon grease from the skillet, but don’t wipe clean.
  3. Scramble the eggs in the bacon skillet.
  4. Add two packets of instant cheesy grits mix in each individual bowl and add water to mix.(or add a healthy portion of the prepared mix, to bowls).
  5. Add butter and season with salt & pepper to taste, then top with a portion of scrambled eggs, shredded cheddar cheese, and crumble bacon pieces. (not too crumbled – chunks look and taste better)

Camp Cook’s Tip:
You can save a lot of the camp cooking, and prep time, by cooking the scrambled eggs and bacon at home, then putting them in Ziploc qt.-size freezer bags, for later use in camp. (these ingredients will be fine, and safe to use, for up to four days in your camp cooler – and still taste great)

Then you can skip all that in-camp frying and clean-up – all you have to do is put the ingredient bags in a pot of hot water to heat up for use. (make things even easier by bagging individual portions of the scrambled eggs – about two eggs per portion)

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