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Easy Camping Breakfast Recipes

This ham, egg, and cheese breakfast muffin is a delicious, and easy, breakfast sandwich that is perfect for a camping breakfast.

Just add a glass of juice and you have a healthy nutritious meal to start your camping day.

Ham, Egg, and Cheese Breakfast Muffin

This breakfast sandwich is so easy to make that it almost needs no instructions, but since campfire or camping stove cooking is different from kitchen cooking, there are a few steps and tips to note.

Recipe Ingredients:

(per camper)

  • one muffin
  • one egg
  • one slice ham
  • one slice cheese
  • butter, salt & pepper

This is a very simple recipe that only uses a campfire or camping stove, skillet and spatula, a fork to split the muffins, and a knife if you need to slice the cheese.

  1. Adults like cheddar, but young campers prefer American cheese
  2. Any ham, (or other breakfast meat), can be used, but the round sliced ham called Canadian Bacon works best. (this is what McDonalds uses on their Egg McMuffins too)
  3. The eggs are fried as hard eggs, so be sure to break the yolks when you fry them.
  4. Melt the cheese by placing it on the eggs as soon as you turn them.

Toasting the muffins:

  • If you are using a campfire grate or charcoal grill, just lay the muffins on the grill, and turn once, to toast both sides – then butter the inside of each half.
  • You can also toast the muffins in a skillet – just make sure it is already hot, and butter the muffins before you toast them.

camping stove toastersCamp toast:
If you do a lot of camping you can add a camp toaster to your camp cooking gear for around $5. They are available for both camping stove and campfire use.
• Camp Stove and Campfire Toasters

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Camp cooking is usually a big part of every camping trip. You can “rough it” with just a basic skillet – and a lot of pioneering skills, or you can add the essential pieces of camping cookware that will make the job of the camp cook a lot easier – and the meals a lot more creative.

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If you go camping with kids, you should have at least one Pie Iron, (preferably one for each kid), in your camping cookware. They are versatile – you can make anything from grilled cheese sandwiches to instant fruit pies. And they are so safe and easy to use that you can let your young campers make their own fun camping recipes for kids.

Just pop in the ingredients, close, cook over the campfire, and out comes delicious sandwiches, or biscuit-dough fruit tarts, or dozens of other camp food choices.


Essential Campfire Cooking Gear
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