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Propane Camp Stove – Coleman Top Picks

Coleman 2-burner propane camp stoves are by far the most popular and top-selling choices when it comes to camping stoves for base-camps and car camping.

Most of the other brand top models have similar features, so the primary criteria for most experienced camp cooks are;

1.) Heat output, (BTU’s produced by burners), 2.) Reliability, and, 3.) Durability.

These top-rated camp stoves received high marks in all three areas, but there is one other reason I so strongly recommend Coleman stoves – they get the “little things” right; windscreens that work, sturdy stove grates, design simplicity that focuses on getting the job done first and bells and whistles second. Their years of experience providing reliable camp stoves that get the job done, (I have been using Coleman for many, many years), can be seen by the many campers still using 20-year-old stoves they got from their dads. Almost every feature touted by other camp stove makers originated on Coleman camp stoves.

Where to get the best camp stove prices:
Unless you find a good sale at your local outdoor gear store, you will almost always get cheaper discount prices online, and as long as you are buying from an established site, like Amazon, you can shop as confidently as you would at any local store. Plus, with Amazon’s FREE shipping promotion, almost any purchase over $35 ships FREE!

Note: Backpacking stoves are also often called camping stoves, but they are a very different kind of stove from the ones you use in a ‘base camp’ (car camping) vs. a ‘hiking’ camp. And they are discussed in another article: Best Camping stoves for Backpacking.

Note: All shopping links are my own Amazon affiliate links – which I only use to recommend good-quality camping equipment.

A note from Gus: Thanks to Jim, and his service dog camping buddy Beam, for reminding me of this. Almost all camping stove reviews, here and elsewhere, are done at altitudes of less than 2000 feet. If you camp at higher altitudes, a liquid fuel stove might be a better consideration. Especially in colder weather.

Coleman 2-burner propane camping stoves.

Even if you are not ready to buy yet, or plan to buy in a store instead of online, these examples will give you important comparisons that will help your decision.

Coleman Camping Stove
Coleman Classic Propane Camp Stove

 ★★★★★ Top Pick for Tent Camping
Coleman Perfectflow Classic:

This is the basic model of a durable 2-burner stove. It fits all the basic criteria above, but without the extra frills that come with more expensive stoves. Not only is this a good “starter” camp stove, but it is also the model you hear other campers praising as the stove they have used for years of dependable service.


Coleman 3-burner propane camping stoves:

Coleman 3-burner camping Stove
Coleman 3-burner Propane Camp Stove

 ★★★★★ Top Pick for families and groups

Features:Two 11,500 BTU burners, and one 5,000 BTU burner. Fully adjustable cooking power on 2 outside burners. Aluminized steel cooktop. Copper Nickel chrome-plated grate is removable for easy cleaning

A good choice for camp cooking for families and groups. Price range $145 – $170

Coleman camping grill stoves:

Coleman 3-burner camping Stove
Coleman Grill Camp Stove

 ★★★★★ Top Pick for portable grilling

Features: Grill stove with two 10,000 BTU burners and PerfectFlow pressure control system • 1 nickel-chrome stove grate and 1 removable die-cast aluminum grill grate • Regulates pressure of propane to provide consistent cooking performance • Windblock side panels double as side trays when folded down • Matchless InstaStart technology; grease management system with removable tray; 5-year warranty

How to Pick the Right Camp Stove for You

If you are unsure what type of camp stove would be best for you, or what features you should look for, check out this:


Coleman Camping Stove Accessories

Complete Camping Stove and Cookware Starter set, all in one package! Great for the new camper. All the basics needed for campsite cooking in one inexpensive package. – Camp Stove, Pots and Pans, Cooking and eating utensils, Plates, Cups, and more. Plus, you can pick and choose what is right for you. Camping Stove and Cookware Starter Set:

Here are comparison choices for 2-burn stoves by Camp Chef, Texsport, and Stansport.

Where to Buy The Camping Gear You Need:
The logical thought is your local camping and outdoor supply store. And that may be a good choice if you can catch a hot sale. But quality camping cookware and equipment can be pricey, – so go prepared, check online prices first so you have something to compare to. is a good place to check first. They are the most trusted marketplace online, their prices are usually better than anywhere else. Almost every item qualifies for Free shipping for purchases over $25, and their free 3 – 5 day standard shipping is almost always faster than that. Plus, their return policy is better and easier than Walmart’s.

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Here are some examples of other camping equipment and gear you might need with your camping stove.

Even if you are not interested in buying now, they will give you an idea of the choices you have and the prices you can expect.


Storage Tips: How to pack your cooking gear; The first Choice would be a real camping chuck box, but if you are not that “into it” yet, then a 30-gal plastic tote works, or even plastic milk crates, or a large canvas duffel bag. Just stay away from cardboard boxes, sooner or later, (probably sooner), the bottom will fall out and all your gear will be on the ground.

Another reason to check-out Amazon, -free standard shipping. Camping equipment can be heavy, and almost everything discussed here will ship for free if your purchase is over $35!

Notes and discussions:

Here are a few more pieces of camping gear you might be interested in:

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