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Camp Teepee – A Fun Camping Activities for Kids
Kids love to go camping, and they love playing in tents, but that isn’t allowed in a camping tent – for good reasons. So why not make a camp teepee that they can play in?

This camping activity lets them make a homemade camp teepee that they can personalize, and save to re-use on every camping trip.

Their very own camp teepee – let the good times roll.
Kids know the rules about camp tents; no shoes, no food, no playing, and especially no horseplay, where’s the fun in that? Kids love playing in tents, and they see a camping trip as a sweet chance to do it. Until you lay down the law that is.

Now you can let them make a “tent” they can play in. This camp teepee is one of those camping activities for kids where everyone wins.

The kids get to build something and have a “tent” to play in, and you get the satisfaction of watching them enjoy the camping trip.

The Camp Teepee Concept:
Simple and easy; a few long sticks, an old bed sheet, some baling twine or cord, poster paints, or colored markers, and you have the materials for a “real” camping teepee that only takes a short time to build, but will entertain the kids for the whole camping trip.

It could turn into something the kids want to put up on every camping trip – for years to come.
The Materials:

  • The Teepee poles – 4 to 6 tree-limb type poles, 5 to 8 feet long.
    • This project works best if it is possible to get the poles from the wooded area of your campsite – that way you can take the kids with you as you scavenge to find just the right size “fallen wood” poles to make their teepee. This makes it an adventure they are involved in – including picking the poles
    • If this isn’t an option, then you will need to bring the poles with you. Real tree-branch poles are the best choice for authenticity, so try to find them where ever you can first. But if that isn’t possible, you can use any type of wood pole or slat available to you.

Tip: There is a link below to make a “Cheater’s” version of the camp teepee that does not use poles.

  • An old white bed sheet – A full-size bed sheet works best, but any size, (except the smallest day bed sheets), will work. Even twin or king-size sheets. Just make sure it’s an old sheet you don’t want back because it is going to get decorated, and probably have holes cut and poked into it.
  • Baling Twine or Rope – Baling twine, (Sisal twine), is best, both for authenticity and for easy breakdown – you don’t need to save it, so you can just cut the lashings and ties used to make the teepee and discard them.
    • Figure 3 feet for the top pole lashing, about two feet for each cloth/pole lashing, and maybe three more feet for the door flap ties – so about 20 feet of twine or rope.
  • Tent Stakes – three short stout sticks to use as tent pole stakes, or you can use real tent stakes, but the sticks would be more authentic
  • Poster paints or colored markers – Let the kids use these to decorate their teepee. It’s a big part of this camping activity. Imagine the fun they will have painting or drawing buffaloes or Indian symbols, or even their own “secret code” symbols on the blank cloth covering of their teepee.
    • Parent’s Tip: If your kids are young, have them put their painted hand prints on the teepee cloth, with their name or initials. It will be a memory you can look at for years to come as they grow up.
  • Bonus, a floor covering – It is not a necessity, but an old area rug, or even better, and old Indian-style blanket, would make a great floor for their teepee.


How to build the Camp Teepee:
Start with one tripod lashing, (illustrated below), then stake these poles to the ground. Note: the two parallel legs should be about two feet apart – this will be the doorway. tripod lashings
Once you stand up the tripod, spread the legs to the base size you want, and stake the legs to the ground.

Then add a couple more side poles to form the frame for the teepee covering. tripod lashings

Now just wrap the sheet around the frame. Make a couple of lashing loops around the tripod top to hold it in place. Cut a couple of slits in the sheet at each pole base and thread a loop through the sheet and around the poles to hold it in place. The excess at the end will be the door flap that the kids can flip open or closed.

Turn the kids loose with the paint or markers to decorate their teepee. Camp Teepee

camping tent stakes or pegs
This is a more authentic woodcraft project if you make the tent pegs, but if you need some extra tent stakes – “just in case,” here are some inexpensive available choices: Camping Tent Stakes and Pegs


Tip: This can be a one-time camping activity for kids, or you can dismantle it and save it to use on your next camping trip. Poles and all, or just the sheet – your choice.

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See how to make a “Cheater’s” version of this camp teepee that does not use poles.

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