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Camp Tip: Organize with collapsible camp coolers.

collapsible camp cooler

This is a really helpful tip! All your camp coolers don’t have to be those heavy rigid coolers!

Of course, you will need at least one of those for your ice and drinks, and long-term cold storage, but if you use the smart camping tip about freezing most of your camp meals food, these collapsible coolers are great.

They will keep your cold items safely frozen or chilled until you need them, you can use different colors to organize your camp meal storage by days, (red for Saturday, blue for Sunday, etc.), and their soft-side design makes them easier to cram into that last available spot between the other camping gear, and best of all they collapse when empty, (much easier to pack out of camp).

Collapsible Camp Coolers

Here are some samples of other camp meal and campfire cooking gear you can find on Amazon that you can use with your cast iron camping recipes. Once you have any of these camp tools you will wonder how you ever did without them. Especially when you see how inexpensive they are when you buy them online.


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