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Camp Safety and First Aid Kit Checklist

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*NOTE: The General Camp Safety tips, listed first, are reminders that will hopefully reduce the need to use your first aid kit on any camping trip..

Camp Safety and First Aid Checklist 
General Camp Safety
__ Fuel containers properly labeled
__ Axes, Hatchets, Saws properly sheathed
__ Minimum 6′ cleared ground around campfire
__ Firewood chopping area roped off
__ Ground holes properly marked
__ Low-hanging “eye-poke” branches noted
__ Tent/tarp guy-lines flagged (caution-tape or cloth strips)
__ First Aid kit in visible, easy to find location

Campsite First Aid Kit
__ Misc. Band-Aides/bandages (cloth band-aids are best)
__ Sterile gauze pads>
__ Roll gauze bandage (1.5″ wide)
__ Triangular bandages
__ Butterfly bandages
__ >Cotton swabs
__ Medical Tape
__ Ace bandages
__ Antiseptic wipes
__ Antibiotic cream
__ Burn ointment
__ Hydrogen Peroxide
__ Aspirin
__ Benzedrine
__ Mole skin for blisters
__ Scissors
__ Tweezers
__ Safety Pins
__ Basic First Aid Instruction sheets/cards
__ Personal medications

__ Antibacterial soap
__ Bee Sting kit
__ Snake Bite Kit
__ Poison Ivy Cream
__ Aloe sunburn lotion
__ Ipecac
__ Ibuprofen/Tylenol/Naproxin
__ Anti-acids (Tums, Rolaids)
__ Eyewash
__ Eye drops
__ Splinting materials
__ Heat/cold packs
__ Latex gloves
__ Nail clippers
__ Small mirror
__ Single-edge razor blades
__ Thermometer
__ Tourniquet strap

The best, (and safest), option is to purchase a basic first aid kit designed for outdoor camping, and then customize it for your camping use. Check local sporting goods stores or the Amazon links below.

Use these links to print this as: an MS Word doc    or   PDF File

ps. If you will be camping with kids – check-out these first aid items that you should have in your first aid kit: 10 Must-have Camping First Aid Items for Kids

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