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Per-person camping meat poultry fish food portions
Per-person camping meat poultry fish food portions

How much camp food per person?

When it’s your turn to buy the camp food, you can take out the guesswork with this per-person food servings chart.

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*This Servings and Portions Chart is a modified version of the one in the Boy Scouts Handbook. *typical portions – you can adjust these based on your knowledge of campers’ appetites.

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Per-person camping meat poultry fish food portions
camping hamburger and chicken meat
Meats – Poultry – Fish – *per meal
Item: Portion: Notes:
Beef/Steak/Roasts 6-8oz. *pre-cooked weight
Chops 4-6oz. *pre-cooked weight
Stew/Recipe Meats 4-6oz. *pre-cooked weight
Hamburger 4oz. *1 patty pre-cooked weight
Beef, canned 4oz.
Hot Dogs 4oz. *2 hot dogs
Chicken, fresh 8oz. 1 breast or 2 legs, or 3 wings *pre-cooked weight
Chicken, canned 4oz.
Fish Fillet 8oz. *pre-cooked weight
Fish, canned 3oz.
Ham, slab 4-8oz. 1/2 to 1 slab
Ham, canned 4oz. sliced or chunk
Bacon 2oz. 2-3 slices
Deli meats, sliced 2oz. 2 slices
Per-person camping eggs, milk, cheese
camping eggs milk cheese
Eggs – Milk – Cheese – *per meal
Item: Portion: Notes:
Eggs, fresh 2 ea.
Eggs, powdered 2oz.
Milk,liquid 8oz. (1 pint)
Milk, powdered 2oz.
Cocoa, Instant 1 packet *Hot Chocolate Mix
Cheese, sliced 2 slices
Cheese, block 2oz.
Cheese, shredded 1/3 cup
Butter 2 tbsp.

Per-person camping veggies and fruit
Camping Veggies and Fruit
Vegetables and Fruit – *per meal
Item: Portion: Notes:
Apple 1 ea.
Orange 1 ea.
Banana 1 ea.
Juice, canned 6oz.
Tomato 3 slices
Lettuce 1oz. *approx. 2 leaves
Onion, sliced 3oz. *1/2 med. onion if chopped
Carrot, raw 1 ea. &1/2 cup shredded/Julienne
Potatoes, raw 1 med.
Potatoes, instant 2oz.
Corn, ears 2 ea.
Vegetables, canned 4oz.
Fruit, canned 5oz.
Fruit, dried 2oz.
Soup, canned 5oz.
Soup, packet 1 ea.
Per-person camping bread rice and pasta
Camping bread rice and pasta
Bread – Pasta – Rice – Grains – *per meal
Item: Portion: Notes:
Bread, sliced 2-4 slices
Bread, rolls 2 ea. Hot dog, hamburger, or dinner
Bread, biscuits 2 ea.
Spagthetti 3oz. *uncooked
Macaroni 3oz. *uncooked
Noodles 3oz. *uncooked
Ramen 1 pack *or Insta-cup
Rice 1/2 cup *uncooked – incl. instant
Dry cereal 2oz.
Oatmeal, bulk 2oz.
Oatmeal, Instant 2 pk. ea..
Pancake mix 3oz.

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Tip: Here are some complete weekend camping trip menus, including cookware and grocery shopping lists for 2 to 6 campers that will make planning your camp menus a lot easier.

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camp menu food and lists
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camp cook at chalk board
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Notes and discussions:
You can see discussions and tips about camp meals and cooking uses in this Campfire Cooking Tips post. And for a list of basic cookware and supplies you should keep in your chuck-box -here is a campfire cooking checklist.

Here are a few pieces of camp gear that can be especially helpful with your camp meals and cookware needs.
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This is one of the most useful totes you can find to help keep camp-meal-related stuff, like; plates, cups, utensils, and other camp kitchen and camp cooking gear organized. It is big enough to do the job, but not so big as a back-breaking plastic tote. Plus, its soft-side design makes it easier to cram into that last available spot between the other camping gear. Coleman Camp Tote

Here are some samples of other camp meals and campfire cooking gear that make outdoor cooking a lot easier. Just like the soft-side tote, once you have one of these camp tools you will wonder how you ever did without it. Especially when you see how inexpensive they are when you buy them online.

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