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Free ebay Coupons

Free ebay coupons for account holders. If you don’t already have an ebay account, GET ONE!

ebay is spending tons of money to draw buyers to the New ebay, which is trying to be more of an Amazon-type market-place and less of an auction site.

ebay is partnering with top-rated sellers to offer discount coupons on major categories of items. The latest was a 30% off selected electronics, and considering the great deals already on ebay, another 30% off can make for a super deal that leaves more money in your wallet!

A FREE ebay user account is all you need to receive these coupons, and they will automatically email you the coupon offers every time one comes out.

There is more … PayPal, the Net’s largest and most used online payment system, is sending out PayPal bonuses too! The most recent was an offer to give you $10.00 just to add some money to your own Free PayPal account.

If you ever buy from ebay, or plan to, (the bargains really are as good as people say), then it only makes sense to sign-up for your own ebay and PayPal accounts. It will allow you to by-pass all that “Enter Your Information” stuff over and over again. Just sign into your account and you are set for one-click shopping.

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