ebay’s Buyer Protection Guarantee and The New ebay   Recently updated !

There have been a lot of changes. The “New” ebay is striving to be the largest and most trusted marketplace on the Net. They want your visit and transactions to be as satisfying and safe as any you would make at your favorite local shop.

ebay is the only marketplace that provides such a varied selection of products from multiple sellers – all striving for your business, and all in one place.

The prices on ebay are almost always lower because sellers are competing with each other to get your sale, and trying to be the one that offers you the lowest price and shipping cost is the main way they do it.

They always had a Buyer’s protection program, but now it has been enhanced to cover your purchase from the time you pay for it until it reaches your door. And if your item is not what it was represented to be, or you are not satisfied, or it is not in the condition described in the listing, – you get your money back.

Now all sellers must have verifiable identities backed up by bank and credit card information when they register.

They also have a “Top-Rated Sellers” program that showcases sellers with a sterling track record of previous customer satisfaction by displaying a “Top-rated Seller” icon on all their listings. When you see that you know you are dealing with a reputable customer-oriented seller.

Because their customer surveys said you wanted free shipping, ebay works with their sellers, using incentives to promote listings that do offer Free shipping,

And finally, they promote listings with “BIN” prices, (Buy-It-Now prices), so if you don’t like to bid on your items, or don’t want to wait for an auction to end, – you don’t have to – just look for listings that have a Buy-it-Now price, and it can be yours with just 1-click!

Shop with confidence, your purchases are protected from start to finish.
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