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Fun Camping Recipes for Kids

The Hobo Campfire Breadsticks – another fun and easy camping recipe that kids can make themselves, with just a little adult supervision.

Camping with kids is more fun for everyone when you let them be more involved. Kids love to say, “I did it myself!”

Hobo Campfire Breadsticks

Just watch the fun as the kids anxiously turn their sticks and impatiently wait for their Hobo breadsticks to get done

Toss in a little butter and cinnamon sugar coating, and you have a delicious treat.

This camping recipe for kids is so easy that the only cautions are; to watch the kids so they don’t burn the breadsticks, or play in the campfire.

Here is all you need:

  • one stick or dowel, about 3 feet long and approx. 1/2″ diameter, (about the size of your thumb, thicker is better than thinner)
    • metal toasting forks don’t work well for this. not enough diameter. Nor do “fallen-wood” sticks, they will catch fire before the bread is done.
  • 1 can of refrigerated breadstick dough strips. (like Pillsbury, from the dairy section)
    • Most cans of breadstick dough will have 12 breadstick dough strips, and you will need two strips per camper
    • You could also you biscuit dough instead, just roll it into a “snake” shape. (but the breadstick dough is better suited to this recipe)
  • Some butter, and a cinnamon sugar mix.

The basic steps: (let each camper do their own)

  1. Each young camper will need a sturdy stick, (or dowel). If using a stick, trim the bark back about 8″ from the tip of the stick. (you want a clean surface)
  2. Starting at the tip of the stick, pinch one end of the strip of breadstick dough onto the tip of the stick
  3. Wrap the dough strip around the stick like a coil, (see photo below), and pinch the end of the last wrap onto the last wrap itself.
  4. Hold the wrapped end over the hot coals, and slowly rotate the stick so the dough browns but does not burn.
    • Flames are not the best part of the fire to use. They will burn the dough before it can get done. A good hot bed of coals is best. Or the coals at the edge of a flaming campfire are second-best
  5. When the dough is a nice golden brown – it’s done. Now smear it with some butter and roll it in a plate of cinnamon sugar and enjoy.
    • Another fun way to apply the cinnamon sugar is with a lunch-bag-size paper bag. Put the cinnamon sugar in the bag, insert the bread end of the stick and tightly clench the mouth of the bag closed around the stick. Shake – Shake – Shake, and voila’ – an instant cinnamon sugar coating.

Wrapping a Hobo breadstick

Camping Hobo Breadsticks Video

This fellow has the right idea, but, with a little more care picking a good stick, ( thicker, straighter, and smoother), will make a better breadstick that is less likely to burn, and easier to get off the stick when done.

Plus, he forgot the good stuff – the butter and cinnamon-sugar coating.

Do not cut living green wood unless you know it is appropriate for your campsite.

Slightly flatten the dough strips so they are not as thick as they were in the can. They will cook quicker.

This is where adult supervision can help the younger campers, show them how to rotate the stick slowly and not put it in the flames or too close to the coals.

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Notes and discussions:
Camping with kids requires some camping gear and accommodations that you might not normally consider if just camping with adults.

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