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Nature’s Outdoor Bingo Game for Kids

Let them play! You don’t have to tell them they are learning about things in nature too. Nature’s Outdoor Bingo is a game and a lesson, all in one. Camp games for kids that are educational and fun.

Sometimes the “old stand-by” camping activities for kids are the best, and usually the last to be thought of.

Nature’s Outdoor Bingo Game:
Kids love to play games, and everyone loves Bingo. When you are camping with kids, you need to be prepared with games and activities that kids will enjoy, and when they play Nature’s Outdoor Bingo they are combining a game they love with learning about the things in nature that are all around them.

  • Outdoor bingo plays just like regular bingo, the object is to complete a row; across, down, or diagonally, but instead of calling numbers, things found in nature are called by using pictures and words.

    As kids are anxiously awaiting the next call they will be studying their card to see what they need, (and secretly wishing that the one they need is called next), and while they are staring at that acorn or caterpillar, or squirrel, they will also be learning about things they can find in their camping surroundings.

    Instead of numbers in a cage, Outdoor Bingo uses picture cards that include a picture and the name of the item called.

    • Each camper gets a bingo card and a handful of bingo markers
    • The calling cards are shuffled and placed face down, then one card at a time is drawn, the “caller” shows the card so everyone can see the picture, and the name, then if they have that picture on their card they place a bingo marker on it.
    • This continues until any player calls bingo!
    • When a player gets four in a row they can yell bingo! It might not be unusual for more than one player to bingo at a time, so the first to call bingo wins.

Tip: Of course you should win something if you bingo, so just designate a “King’s Throne”, or “Captain’s Chair.” It can be a seat at the head of the table, the favorite camp chair everyone likes, or even a seat next to the adult caller. The winner gets to sit there until the next camper gets a bingo. You could also let the winner be the one to draw and call the next series of cards.

Free Outdoor Bingo Game Kit! –
Just use the link below to get your free Outdoor Bingo Game as a PDF file that you can print and use. Just print it and cut out the bingo and calling cards.

Each free game file includes:

  • six different bingo cards with 16 pictures in a four-by-four grid
  • 16 calling cards matching the bingo card pictures

Download Outdoor Bingo Game


Bad Weather Survival Ideas for Camping with Kids:
Bad Weather? Kids confined to the tent? Save your sanity – be prepared with these games and activities to keep them occupied.

The links are for individual products, or the all-in-one bad weather kit. (as pictured)

Available as an all-in-one kitClick the image to see complete all-in-one Camping activities for Kids and camp games for kids Bad Weather Survival kit” – All you have to do is select the item quantities to match your number of kids!

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Scavenger Hunts, Nature’s Bingo, Round-Robin Stories, and more …
Hiking and camp activities for kids that do more than just “occupy” them.

• More Hiking and In-Camp Activities for Kids


Tip: A portable camp toilet for kids

 Camping Toilets

With young kids in camp, a portable camp toilet will make your life a lot easier. No interruptions for a long trip to the campsite bathrooms, and no “scary” after-dark trips to the latrine in the woods.

Also, treks outside the “safety zone” of a lighted campsite after dark are not something most young kids want to do. This camping toilet is one of the most easy-to-use, and stable ones I have seen.
See this Portable Camp Toilet


Here are a few items and resources that may prove helpful:

Handy First Aid Kits
You know camping with young kids means scrapes and scratches. Itches and rashes, so make sure you have a good Camping First Aid Kit handy. And make sure it has the supplies you need.

Camp First Aid kits
Camp First Aid Kits

Not sure what First Aid supplies you need?
10 Must-Have Camping First Aid Items for Kids

Camp First Aid kits


Safety Whistles – Safety and Peace of Mind:
For emergencies, and your peace of mind, – every kid in camp, should have a camp whistle on a lanyard around their neck! It’s a handy way for them to summon help when they need it.


Kid’s Camping Flashlight:
Save your strength, – every kid needs their own camp flashlight, instead of arguing about who gets yours or who has had it the longest and whose turn it is now.
(ps. this is a great camp light for kids, but you can just pick some up at the Dollar store if you want)

Check out these great examples of camping gear items you can find on Amazon. Like the folding shovel and the headlamp, once you have these pieces of camp gear included in your list of camping equipment, you will wonder how you ever did without them. Especially when you see how inexpensive they are when you buy them online at Amazon.

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