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Gloves for Campfire Cooking
Essential Campfire Cooking Gear

Heavy-Duty Campfire Gloves
If you will be doing any campfire cooking, – a good pair of campfire gloves is essential.

If you use a camp stove to do most of your camp food cooking, or you only go camping once a year, then you can probably get by with using a thick hot pot holder from home, but for anything more than that, you will quickly realize campfire cooking is a lot easier, and safer, with a good pair of heavy-duty gloves.

And they should have these basic features:

  • Outer material must be something that won’t burn or melt – which means leather or canvas
  • They must be thick to slow down the heat transfer
  • They must be loose fitting, – so they easily slip on and off, or can be removed quickly in case they get too hot or there is a hot food spill on them

Safe campfire gloves must at least meet those requirements, and it would be nice if they were also:

  • Colorful, (like the red ones pictured above), so they can easily be found when dropped on the ground in a leafy wooded setting.
This is a picture of my first pair of campfire gloves.
Old Leather gloves for Campfire Cooking

As you can see they fit all the above criteria, and have served me faithfully for many years of campfire cooking, (they work great for handling hot pieces of burning firewood too!). But – their color is almost the same as the campsite ground around the campfire, and I frequently found myself searching for where I put them, only to find they were in plain sight – just blending in with their surroundings. (my next pair was bright red)

  • Padded or lined – this not only makes them more comfortable but also acts as an insulation barrier to further reduce heat transfer. Thick leather is good, but it will still transfer heat pretty quickly
old leather gloves for Campfire Cooking

Mine had a flannel lining that worked great as a heat barrier, and they were loose enough to easily slip on and off. They came from a Lowe’s Home Improvement store and I think they were around $20.

Where to get them, and how much to pay:
You can find gloves like this at most, camping, hardware, and home improvement stores, with the best prices usually at the home improvement store. This is not an item to skimp on, expect to pay $15 – $30 for a good pair. Think of it as an investment that will last for years. is highly recommended; they usually have better prices than local stores, shipping is very quick, (even the standard 3-5 day free shipping option), and their return policy is better than Walmart’s.

Gloves for Campfire Cooking
Camping Campfire Gloves on Amazon
Gloves like these are made for campfire use.

  • Heavy-duty leather with an inside lining
  • Long – they cover well past the wrist
  • Bright red – easy to find, even in semi-light

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