How to Pick A Campfire Coffee Pot

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Old Campfire Coffee Pots

Essential Campfire Cooking Gear

A Good Heavy-Duty Coffee Pot
If you will be using a campfire for cooking, – a good campfire coffee pot is essential!
Even if you use a camp stove to do most of your camping meals cooking, you will need a good camping coffee pot. If you are not a coffee drinker, (blasphemy!), you can still use it for your other hot water needs, like hot tea, hot chocolate, and dish washing water.

These might not win any beauty contests, – but you can see they are veterans of campfire use.

Old Teakettle and Camp Coffee Pot
Coffee Pot and Kettle
Old Teakettle and Camp Coffee Pot
Campfire Tea Kettle
Old Teakettle and Camp Coffee Pot
Coffee Pot and Kettle

If you know that you will NEVER be using a campfire to heat your camping coffee pot, then all you need is one with a handle to pick it up. But otherwise, you should only consider a coffee pot that also has a wire bail-type handle on the top.

Not only does it give you more control to hold the pot by the bail, and use the side handle to pour, but the bail also allows you the flexibility to hang the coffee pot over the fire instead of just being able to set it in it.

When considering what kind of coffee pot to get for camping use, consider these questions:

  • Will you be using it on a campfire or camp stove – almost any coffee pot will work on a camp stove, but not all coffee pots will work well with campfire use, for instance; plastic handles are a hazard on a coffee pot on a campfire.
  • How will you brew your coffee, – cowboy-style with the grounds tossed in, or percolator-basket style
  • What size do you need – if it is only for coffee, (and not for a large group), then a 9-cup would be fine, but if you plan on using it to heat hot water for other uses, or for a large group, then consider a larger 20-cup size. (you don’t have to brew 20-cups just because that is its capacity, you can still brew any amount you want.)

Since a campfire coffee pot can always be used on a camp stove, but not all camp stove coffee pots will safe to use on a campfire, I would recommend you pick a camp coffee pot style that has a top wire bail handle so that you have the flexibility of both choices.

Where to get them, and how much to pay:

  • It may not be your “cup-of-tea”, but you can frequently find coffee pots suitable for camp use at; garage and yard sales, or flea markets. Usually for $1 – $5.
  • You might find enamel camp stove-type coffee pots in department stores, but other than that your best bet is a camping supply store, or online of course.
  • You can spend $50 buying a “Cadillac-version” enameled/speckled pot, but typically a reasonable range would be $13 – $25.

A Tip and a Note: Most campers know about the tip to coat the exterior of your coffee pot with liquid dish soap, and the soot and black stuff from campfire use will wash right off, – and it’s true, it works.

But, except for enameled coffee pots, if your pot is used in direct flames it will eventually blacken. The dish soap will allow the soot to wash off, but it won’t stop the blackening, over time, from direct flame contact.

Here are several choices to give you an idea of whats available:
** I highly recommend for camping supplies. Their prices are usually lower than our local camping stores, the free standard 3-5 day shipping is almost always faster than that, and their return policy is even better than Walmart’s.

Coleman 9-cup camping coffee pot


Coleman stuff has been camp tested for years, and it works. This is a light-weight 9-cup aluminum coffee pot with all the right features, and its only around $13
Coleman 9-cup Aluminum Camp Coffee Pot

Stansport Aluminum 20 Cup Percolator Coffee Pot



Stansport has good stuff too! This one would be my choice, because of its capacity, and it’s only about $4 more than the Coleman above.
Stansport 20-Cup Percolator Camp Coffee Pot

Stansport Aluminum 20 Cup Percolator Coffee Pot



This Graniteware model is a nice choice too! At around $20. But it’s a coffee boiler not a percolator, which is fine for cowboy-style coffee.
Graniteware 3 Quart Coffee Boiler



Five Gold Star Camping TipGus Tip:

Folger’s single-serve coffee bags are an easy way to make a great tasting cup of coffee with very little effort. Just don’t use more than 6oz. of water per bag, or use 2 bags for mugs.

Cowboy Coffee recipe:
Use 1 heaping tablespoon of coffee per 6oz. of water, or 3/4 cup of coffee per quart of water.

Bring water to boil then remove from heat. Wait a minute, then add appropriate amount of coffee.

Wait a minute, then stir vigorously.

Wait 4 minutes for the coffee to infuse the water, then pour 1/2 cup cold water across the top of the water in the coffee pot. This will make the grounds settle to the bottom.

Pour and enjoy, but leave the last cup in the pot or you will be pouring grounds instead of coffee. is my usual camping supply and equipment source, it is highly recommended. When an item needs to be checked out first, I go to a “brick and mortar” store, but unless they have an unbeatable sale, my orders go to Amazon.

See ALL Camp Coffee Pots on Amazon

Notes and discussions:

Here are a few more pieces of camping gear you might be interested in:

Even if you are not interested in buying now, they will give you an idea of the choices you have and the prices you can expect.

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