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Tents and Shelter Checklist

Veteran campers know that using a camping checklist can save a lot of frustration; as a tool to help make sure you packed everything you need. This tents and shelter checklist is part of a master camping checklist, and is designed to be a hand-out to the person responsible for packing the equipment and gear related to the tents and shelter at the campsite.
Links to print this checklist as a PDF document, or as an MS Word doc that can be edited and customized are included below.

Tents Checklist

__ Tent
__ Tent Stakes – include at least 2 extra stakes
__ Tent Guy-lines (tie down ropes)

Should have:
__ Tent Ground Cover – plastic – tarp – Tyvek, to go under tent
__ Tent Rain-fly or tarp
__ Rope for extra tie-down lines
__ Duct Tape or Tent Repair Kit
__ Stake Mallet and Stake Puller
__ Small Wisk broom with dust pan
__ Plastic Caution Tape/white cloth strips – to mark tie-down lines
Nice to have items:
__ Door Mat/Carpet Sample for tent entrance
__ Tent Light
__ Cots/Air Mattress/Sleeping Pad
Personal Extras:
__ : _____________________________________________

__ : _____________________________________________

__ : _____________________________________________

__ : _____________________________________________

__ : _____________________________________________


Use these links to print this checklist: Micorsoft Word doc or PDF File

Notes and discussions:
This is a short tent camping checklist and you can see more details and explanations of the listed items in this Tent Camping Tips post.

Tent Camping Stakes and Mallet Kit

Never underestimate the importance of extra tent stakes, a hammer or mallet, and a tent stake puller. Depending on the ground, you may or may not need them, but if you do – they are indispensable! You can get these items separately, but there are also some inexpensive combo packs, like the one on the right, that put it all together for you. Tent Stakes and Mallet Kits

Tent Camping Nylon Cord Guylines

Nothing can ruin your tent set-up quicker than missing, cut, or too-short tie-down cords. and you would be surprised at how often your camp set-up requires an extra tie-down or two for a safe and secure tent set-up. Extra tie-down cord can be as simple and cheap as a length of nylon cord for a couple of bucks, or you can check out the more specific tent tie-down packs available.
Tent Tie-down Cords

Here are some examples of Tent Camping Accessories you might consider. These may not be necessities, but once you use any of these tenting extras, you will wonder how you ever did without them. Especially when you see how much they improve your tent camping experience, and how inexpensive they are when you buy them online.

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